Monday, July 12, 2021

KKE: Solidarity with Cuba! Imperialist plans shall not pass!

In a statement about the recent imperialist counterrevolutionary provocation against Cuba, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out:

"Another imperialist plan against Cuba and its people is ongoing during the past hours. The USA, in cooperation with anti-Cuban mafia operating on its territory as well as forces within Cuba openly supporting their plans, are orchestrating protests in Cuba with anti-communist and anti-revolutionary slogans calling for the overthrow of the government. They also magnify and surround these actions with media hype through their enormous propaganda apparatus. They even call for an imperialist “humanitarian intervention” in Cuba, under the pretext of addressing the difficulties caused by the imperialist US blockade itself!
The hypocrisy and provocation of the imperialists cannot be concealed. The shortages in Cuba are due to the 60-year inhuman economic blockade by the USA and the 242 additional measures taken by the Trump administration against Cuba, which the Biden administration continues to implement. The house of cards promoted by various bourgeois and opportunist forces internationally and in our country such as SYRIZA, MeRA-25, etc, saying that the election of Biden would allegedly mean a progressive shift in the US foreign policy, has collapsed.

The KKE unequivocally condemns the provocative imperialist acts aiming to overthrow the Cuban people’s gains and power. It condemns all plans for any kind of imperialist intervention in Cuba using the pretext of human rights. The USA, NATO, the EU have committed the most horrific imperialist crimes in Yugoslavia, Libya, etc, under this very pretext.

It is hypocrisy for them to talk about democratic rights while they daily trample on these rights in their own countries!

The KKE once again expresses its solidarity with the people, the government, and the Communist Party of Cuba. The gains of the Cuban revolution, the struggle of the Cuban people, and the internationalist activity of Cuba inspire thousands of our people that firmly stand in solidarity with Cuba. Cuba, despite the criminal US blockade, managed under pandemic conditions to develop 5 vaccines and send internationalist medical assistance to other peoples!

Today Cuba does not stand alone!
Imperialist provocations shall not pass!
Cuba will win!

Press Office of the CC of the KKE