Wednesday, February 13, 2019

KKE MEP: "EU and NATO ignited nationalism in the Balkans, destroyed Yugoslavia"

"Who ignited nationalisms, about which you supposedly worry about today in Bosnia and elsewhere, in order to dissolve Yugoslavia with bombardments? NATO and the European Union" said Sotiris Zarianopoulos, MEP of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) during a discussion at the EU Parliament's plenary regarding Bosnia. 

The Communist MEP intervened in the discussion and attacked the imperialist policy of the EU. He said: "Bosnia is one of the latest abeyances in the mission of Western Balkans' euroatlantic integration in the midst of sharp, dangerous competitions between US, NATO, EU with Russia and China".

Zarianopoulos pointed out  that "the nationalisms ignited by the imperialist pratice of "divide and rule" are being utilized against the people, triggering conflicts, changing borders- 20 years after their intervention- such as between Kosovo and Serbia, thus whetting the appetite to others who demand border changes, such as  Turkey". 

The KKE MEP also refered to the name deal between Athens and Skopje saying that "the shameful NATO-inspired agreement of Tsipras and Zaev in Prespes is being displayed as an example, not for resolving issues, but for the continuation of the dangerous imperialist arrangements in the strategically crucial Balkans, with conflicts and border changes". 

"For example - Sotiris Zarianopoulos pointed out - the transformation, once again, during the last days, of the Thessaloniki port into a NATO base, which makes the city a military target of rival coalitions, thus refuting the myth of SYRIZA about NATO and EU's supposed stability". 

Security, peace, people's friendship in the Balkans can be possible when NATO, the Americans and the European Union get out of the region, underlined the Communist MEP.