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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Capitalist Russia: Anti-people pension reform approved by lawmakers in Duma

"So, how is it like living under capitalism?", Lenin asks.
Archive Photo: Billboard in Lugansk.
Do you remember the Soviet Union where the retirement age for men was 60 and for women 55 years? Well, in capitalism's Russia such privileges for the working people cannot exist anymore and the Putin-Medvedev government knows it. 

Russian lawmakers approved on Thursday a hugely unpopular government plan to hike the pension age that has led to protests and a record slump in Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings. A total of 327 lawmakers in the lower house or State Duma, voted in favour of the bill in its first reading, with 102 against.

The anti-people legislation is going to raise the pension age to 65 for men and 63 for women. On the eve of the vote approximately 1,000 people protested against the reform in Moscow while on Thursday hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the Duma itself.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Russian Communists honored Lenin's 148th birth anniversary in Moscow

Communists and people of the working class gathered on Sunday in Moscow's Red Square to celebrate the 148th birth anniversary of the legendary bolshevik revolutionary and founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Iliych Lenin.

Those who turned out for the occasion held onto communist flags and portraits of the Soviet leader, as they convened on Red Square in order to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum.

The deputy of the Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) Vladimir Kashin attended the ceremony, along with other members of the party and the Komsomol (youth wing), supporters and activists from various civil organizations.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"President Putin is bluffing" says ROT Front leader Viktor Tyulkin

Viktor Tyulking talks to Dmitry Volgin, March 5th, Leningrad.
As the address of Russian President to the joint assembly of the two chambers of Russian Parliament was unusual and caused a lot of agitation and questions in local society, we decided to ask the 1st Secretary of ROT Front Central Committee Viktor Tyulkin to comment on the presidential speech.