Monday, October 16, 2023

Six communists were elected mayors in Greece's local elections — Significant reinforcement of the KKE

On 15/10/23 the 2nd round of local elections took place in Greece. Based on the result of both rounds, the lists supported by the KKE were voted for by thousands of popular forces, recording over 10% nationwide (from 6.86% in the 2019 regional elections).

A communist mayor was elected from the 1st round on the island of Ikaria, while the communist mayor in the country’s 3rd largest city, Patras, won over 41% in the first and 56% in the second round, and was therefore reelected. 
Communist mayors were elected in 4 more municipalities (Kaisariani, Petroupoli, Chaidari and Tyrnavos) in the second round. In total, 6 communists were elected as mayors and hundreds of communists and other fellow militants were elected as municipal and regional councillors.

The result shows that a current disputing the dominant policy, its class character, the parties and governments that serve it and the state of capital is being strengthened, although within a negative correlation of forces.