Thursday, August 25, 2022

KKE: "Hands off the anti-fascist monuments of Europe”

“The Red Army's antifascist Victory cannot be erased! Hands off the anti-fascist monuments of Europe” points out a statement of the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) concerning the dismantling of the Soviet monument in Riga, Latvia on 23 August. More specifically, the statement (here in Greek) reads: 

“The decision of the authorities of Latvia and the city of Riga to destroy the entire complex of the anti-fascist monument, which was located in a central part of the Latvian capital and related to the liberation of Riga from the fascist invaders, is another step towards the rewriting of history. It took place in a country where anti-communist persecutions are practiced and which has already proceeded to the justification of the Nazi collaborators, the Nazi “legions” which officially parade ever year. 

This campaign, which has the “stamp” of the EU and its governments, is served under the pretext of the “fight against totalitarianism” and the unhistorical equation of communism with fascism and aims at the consciences of the new generation. It wants to erase the heroic contribution of the Soviet people and the Red Army in the destruction of the fascist monster which was born and bred by capitalism.

The new intensification of this attempt utilizes the imperialist war between the Euro-atlantic powers and Russia in Ukraine and tries to equate the unacceptable Russian invasion in Ukraine and the attitude of capitalist Russia, which resulted from counterrevolution, with the Soviet Union and the glorious anti-fascist Victory.

The KKE denounces the Latvian authorities for the destruction of the anti-fascist monument and expresses its solidarity with those who are fighting against the prevalence of anti-communism and anti-Sovietism.

The Red Army's antifascist Victory cannot be erased! Hands off the anti-fascist monuments of Europe.”