Monday, April 11, 2022

PRCF on French elections: Neither Macron, nor Le Pen in the second round

Following the result of the first round of the French Presidential Election on Sunday, the Pole for Communist Revival in France (Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France, PRCF) and its youth wing, JRCF (Jeunes pour la Renaissance Communiste en France), call for a mass turnout on the second round of what they consider as an “electoral masquarade which has been locked up for months by the oligarchy”.

In a statement (here in French), the  PRCF calls the working class to abstain from voting on April 24th in order to de-legitimize the political power of the future president as much as possible. 
“The result of the first round of the 2022 presidential election has led to the nightmare scenario about which the Pole of Communist Revival in France and the JRCF have been warning for years, namely a confrontation between Macron, the proxy of MEDEF (French capitalists), EU and NATO, and Le Pen, the high priestess of the xenophobic and fascist far right”, reads the statement of the Party.

The PRCF points out that a part of the left, including the once dominant “Socialist Party” (PS), the “Greens” and the Communist Party of France (PCF), pay the price of their strategic alignment with the EU with “all its disastrous consequences for peace, standard of living, productive employment”.

“In particular – the statement reads – after more than 45 years of Eurocommunism and the disastrous euro-mutation of PCF, which favoured the slow agony of the great Communist Party of Thorez and Duclos, Fabien Roussel (the PCF candidate), who finidhed behind Jean Lassalle, obtained a score lower in percentage and in votes than the ones of Robert Hue in 2002 and of Marie-George Buffet in 2007”.

The PRCF also criticizes leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon for spreading illusions about the polibility of a pro-people change within the EU, as well as for trying to make the voters believe that he could “carry projects against neoliberalism within the IMF”.

The Pole for Communist Revival, as well as its youth wing, underline that the solution for the workers, for the people in general, will not come from an electoral masquerade where the choice is between “the plague and the cholera”, but from the class war against the established Euro-Atlantic capitalist order. That is why, the PRCF and the JRCF will continue “to fight with all their strength to rebuild a truly Communist Party in favour of the Red and Tri-coloured Alternative” which is “the only credible alternative that the workers of France urgently need to reopen the road to socialism and power for the working people”.