Wednesday, October 27, 2021

KKE denounces the despicable anti-communist "resolution" circulated in the European Parliament

Another despicable and unhistorical anti-communist “informal resolution” is being circulated in the European Parliament. According to portal, the European Parliament Group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) denounces that the so-called “Informal group on European Remembrance” tries to promote a shameful resolution which is undersigned by some MEPs from the “European People's Party (EPP)” and the “European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR)”. 

The “Informal group on European Remembrance” includes MEPs mainly from far-right governmental parties of Poland, Hungary and the Baltic states. Among the signatories someone can find the names of known anti-communists who have a leading role in glorifying Nazi collaborators in the countries.

The EU Parliament Group of the KKE points out that the resolution “is full of Goebbels-like fabrications, the falsity of which has been proven historically. At the same time, the despicable document tries to present the monstrosities of Nazi and bourgeois propaganda as supposed “facts” thus brutally distorting the historical truth.

Furthermore, the anti-communist “resolution” tries to portray various fascist groups, Nazi collaborators, counterrevolutionaries and criminals as victims of persecutions. At the same time it acquits Nazism and fascism, glorifies collaborationists and fascist gangs such as the “Waffen SS”.

“The falsification of history and anti-communism have been the pretexts under which the governments of the Baltic states, Poland and other member-states, with the full support of the EU, have for years unleashed persecutions against communists, long-term imprisonments of Anti-fascist veterans, as well as prohibitions against Communist Parties, communist symbols, the communist ideology and activity”, stresses out the KKE Group in the European Parliament.

“It is no coincidence – says the KKE – that this despicable resolution comes at a time of escalation of anti-worker, anti-people attack by the capital and the EU, by the bourgeois governments in the member-states”, during a period of intensification of authoritarianism and repression against the workers-people's movement.

“They are deeply mistaken if they believe that, through the anti-communist vulgarities, they will enforce the people to accept crises, sufferings, poverty, wars and the capitalist exploitative system as their “eternal fate”. The exploitative system's overthrow and its replacement by the workers power, a society free from the disgrace of the exploitation of man by man, socialism-communism is an inevitable historical necessity, the inevitable bright future of humanity”. underlines the KKE statement.