Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Africa Day: Statement by the Communist Party of Swaziland

The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) in celebration of Africa Day 2021 salutes all our African liberation stalwarts for the gallant contributions they made in the anti-colonial struggles over the years. 
The CPS also salutes all the revolutionaries daily engaged in taking the African liberation struggle forward, particularly struggles against the subjugation of the African continent to imperialist forces. 
The CPS calls for working-class unity against imperialism, but also targeted at the overthrow of African dictators.

The role of imperialism in subjugating Africa must be confronted by a united African people, particularly the working class, consciously aimed at asserting Africa’s right to self-determination. The economies of the various African countries must benefit Africans, but also be led by Africans themselves. This calls for Africans to no longer accede to the dictatorship of international imperialist agents such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, among others. These institutions have chained many African states under perpetual loan burdens. Consequently, our African economies remain largely underdeveloped, with the inequality between Africa and the West, in particular, widening further. These crippling loans will haunt many generations to come, long after the puppets of imperialism have disappeared.

It is time the working class and revolutionary forces in Africa began to set the stage for a comprehensive anti-imperialism programme and defeat neo-colonialism through massive class consciousness building. In these battles, the communist and workers’ parties in the continent must practicalise organisational work, which is the pillar of working-class power.

Rescuing Africa from imperialist subjugation necessarily calls for the independence of the African Union (AU), the successor of the Organisation of African Unity. The AU remains a puppet of imperialist forces, chiefly the USA and European Union, and has in many instances failed to defend the continent from imperialist attacks as well as the wanton looting of African resources by multi-international corporations. Africans must thus challenge these attacks and make the AU serve the developmental interests of the African population.

Celebrating Africa Day necessitates the building of the momentum for the total overthrow of African dictators. The AU remains complicit in the suppression of people in countries ruled by brutal dictators. These dictatorships continue to survive despite many international treaties signed at AU level calling for democratic participation of the people in their political lives. For instance, the colonisation of Western Sahara received endorsement from the AU when it accepted Morocco as a member of the Union. The CPS reiterates its solidarity with the people of Western Sahara in the fight for freedom and calls for the expulsion of Morocco from the AU.

The people of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) continue to suffer extreme violence as the Biya regime continues to commit war crimes, butchering civilians in the face of African leaders and the United Nations.

The absolute monarchy in Swaziland continues to oppress the people of Swaziland under the nose of the AU and the South African Development Community (SADC). Both the AU and SADC remain protective zones for the tinkhundla regime in our country. Mswati is still able to partake in AU and SADC activities with the full knowledge that he is protected by his peers despite the daily brutality he hurls on the people. The CPS calls for both the AU and SADC to remove Swaziland’s membership from both organisations until the country democratises. 
We also call for the international isolation of Mswati and the royal family together with their associates. They must be barred from stepping into, or flying over, any of the African countries. The struggle for the removal of dictators like Mswati is an integral part of waging the continent-wide struggle for a free Africa.