Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Communist Party of Britain: The European Super League is an assault on the game of the working class

With the following comment, posted on its social media accounts under the title "Listen to fans and players", the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) denounces the "European Super League" formed exclusively by major football clubs. 

The comment reads:

"The Super League proposal is an attempt by the wealthy clubs to establish a perpetual monopoly and to resolve their debt issues: Barcelona are £1bn in debt and in financial crisis. Real Madrid could not afford one big signing last summer, Juventus have to find around £100m by the end of June. Internazionale’s owners sought emergency funding in February.

Apart from the telling metaphor of a debt-ridden capitalism striving to link reward to existing wealth and privilege rather than merit, this is completely against the wishes of the game’s real sponsors, the fans: nobody asked if we wanted this because they knew the answer would be an emphatic “No.”

The Communist Party rejects totally this assault on the game of the working class. We call for immediate points reductions and the imposition of serious fines on all the clubs involved. Football is bigger than the combined egos of the rich men who think they own our beautiful game.

Communist sport podcaster and candidate for the GLA in May's election Stewart McGill says, "This clash has been years in the making as the clubs increasingly became separated from the fans who created them, through good times and bad. Now it's again up to the fans who will have to fight to rescue the soul of a great sport."