Saturday, June 15, 2019

100 years of the Communist International: The declaration of Moscow international conference

On June 1-2 in Moscow there was held international conference “100-years to the Communist International and tasks of the Communist movement today”. 

As a result of discussions and exchange of views on the issues of international cooperation between communist parties a final statement was composed by the participants.

«100-years to the Communist International and tasks of the Communist movement today», Moscow, 1 - 2 June 2019.
Communist parties, which took part in the scientific and practical conference in Moscow 1-2 June 2019, dedicated to the centenary of the Communist International, has kept their allegiance to Marxism and Leninism, a great revolutionary teaching; has  kept their attitude towards  Marxism-Leninism as a science; has kept its revolutionary and proletarian character.
Our parties confirm, that internationalism is not only immanent to Marxism as to any real science, - internationalism is the main precondition and means of the Communist goal to be achieved. It is unambiguously and directly stated in the Communist Manifesto: "Proletarians of all countries, unite!"
Parties and movements, participating in the conference, at large estimate the role of the III Communist International, created under the leadership of Lenin, as positive and appreciate its contribution to the  cause of development and strengthening of the world Communist and workers movement. Particularly in the cause of formation of new Communist parties, in the struggle with XX century Fascism, in the defeat of the Hitler Germany and its antiComintern pact allies. We consider, that it is necessary to further study the historical experience of the III International and to use it in our in our practical struggles. Our positive estimate does not mean at all, that there were no mistakes in the experience of the Communist International and that it should not be treated critically. Unconditionally the analysis and study of these mistakes are necessary and has to be done, but mostly in order to carry out our struggles for socialism relying on the knowledge, achievements and mistakes experience of our predecessors.
We note some similarity of the present situation with the state of the revolutionary movement in the beginning of the XXth century. First of all with the ages of the Second International crash - a very strong wave of opportunism, that had lashed the Communist and left movement. More over, today opportunism and revisionism is a well guided and well organized weapon of bourgeoisie. The top achievement of this policy of apostasy is the example of the European Left Party. It is an ideological and organizational center of revisionists, that lives on the EU money and functions according to its laws, working for strengthening the EU imperialism. Coming from this conclusion, we consider Lenin's experience of the formation of the Communist International with its organization of resolute and uncompromised struggles against opportunism and working out theoretical principles for consistently revolutionary parties as very precious. These principles were formulated as conditions of membership in the Communist International. Today theoretical and practical struggle with opportunism is absolutely necessary for our movement.
The participants of the conference come from the consideration, that today there are no conditions to immediately set up the new Communist International, there are no parties of Bolshevist strength and scale; there is no country of victorious socialist revolution, that could take upon itself the material and organizational functioning of a common center; and the new contemporary revolutionary strategy is carried out not enough. All that emphasis, that there certainly is a necessity of common work in the field of theory as well as common practical work and coordination of positions and actions for the cause of organizational, political and ideological strengthening of communist parties.
Participants of the conference note, that some activities in the direction of the Communist pole strengthening was consistently carried out BY our parties for more than twenty years. These are Solidnet System meetings initiated by the CPG; release of the International Communist Review magazine; the formation of the European Communist Initiative Movement; joint conferences in Leningrad amd Moscow and many others. So we consider, that, first of all, these forms of counter-action have to be developed and filled with practical content in several most important directions:
-the theme of struggle with opportunism as an integral and obligatory part of anti-imperialist struggle should be carried out by our parties in theoretical aspect and, how it is possible, be accorded in its practical implementation in all vide international forums;
- The goal of yet the first International - the International Workingmen's Association, was the development of the world Workers' movement, the introduction of scientific knowledge and the movement towards the Socialist revolution. So our common priority is the development of each party in its national level as well as development of mass workers' resistance in each country, internationalization of workers' and trade-union struggles on the basis of class struggle against capitalism and any exploitation, any oppression. This field should be not only a joint theme, but also a tool to strengthen the very parties and extension of their influence among the masses of working people in one’s own country;
- There exists an urgent necessity of joint analysis and, how it is possible, common characteristics of such complicated and influential things, as so-called "construction of socialism with Chinese specificity "as well as the so-called Bolivarian models of the "XXIst century socialism", that, as we consider, contradict to the main principles of the socialist revolution theory and construction of socialism;
- Constant mutual connection between our parties and assistance to one another in the cause of strengthening of each party’s positions in its own national level as an indispensable condition of general Communist pole strengthening.
Parties, that signed this declaration, take obligations and call other proletarian parties to remember, to study and to be guided by the everlasting principles of Marxism-Leninism, incarnated in the activity of Bolsheviks and the Communist International, created by them!
Long live to the Marxism-Leninism!
Down with the dictatorship of bourgeoisie! Long live to the power of the working people!
Long live to the militant struggle against all sorts of opportunism!
The necessity and normality of socialist revolution and construction of socialism remain urgent.
Proletarians of all countries, unite!
Moscow. 1-2 June 2019.
  1. Azerbaijan, Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  2. Belarus, BRO CPSU      
  3. Belgium, Marxist platform
  4. Bulgaria, Communist Party of Bulgaria
  5. People’s Republic of Donetsk, Workers’ Front of Donbass
  6. Estonia, Communist Party of Estonia
  7. Finland, Communist Workers' Party of Finland
  8. France, Communist Revolutionary Party of France (PCRF)
  9. Greece, Communist Party of Greece
  10. Hungary, Hungarian Workers' Party   
  11. Communist Party of Italy
  12. Kazakhstan, Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  13. Kazakhstan, Communist Party of Kazakhstan 
  14. Kyrgyzstan, Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
  15. Latvia, Socialist Party of Latvia   
  16. Latvia, Union of Communists of Latvia
  17. Lithuania, Socialist Party of Lithuania  
  18. People’s Republic of Lugansk, RCWP
  19. Moldova, Communist Party of Moldova 
  20. Mexico, Communist Party of Mexico
  21. Russia, Communist Party of Soviet Union (CPSU)      
  22. Russia, Communist Workers' Party of Russia (RCWP)
  23. Syria, Syrian Communist Party
  24. Spain, Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
  25. Sweden, Communist Party of Sweden
  26. Turkey, Communist Party of Turkey
  27. Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, Communist Party of Transnistria
  28. Ukraine, Union of Communists of Ukraine