Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shameful anticommunist event by the Estonian EU presidency to take place in Tallinn

A shameful event will take place in the Estonian capital Tallinn on 23rd of August. Once again, the "International Conference on the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Communism and Nazism" will be organized by the EU imperialists who continue the effort of history's distortion. 

The so-called "European Day of Remembrance" is based on a ludicrous and completely unhistorical resolution adopted by the EU Parliament on April 2009 and which equates Communism with Nazism as "totalitarian ideologies".

The murderous imperialist alliance of the European Union is trying to re-write History, according to the interests of the bourgeoisie and the monopolies. Through various "programmes" (in education, local administration etc) and funding, the EU tries to vilify socialism by equating the 20th century's socialist systems with nazism and fascism. At the same time, the EU imperialists are collaborating with openly fascist forces in Ukraine and elsewhere.

The Estonian government, which currently holds the EU presidency, is fully responsible for this shameful distortion of history. In Estonia, as well as in the other countries of the Baltic, the activity of Communist Parties is either prohibited or restricted. In the same countries, memorials for Nazi and pro-Nazi criminals have been erected, while the authorities pay tributes to SS "heroes" who fought against the Soviet Red Army. 

A characteristic example of the fierce anticommunism of the Estonian government is that the 22nd of September- the day the Red Army liberated Tallinn- has been declared as a "day of mourning". Through this kind of filthy propaganda they are trying to vilify socialism-communism in the consciousness of the people, especially the younger generations.

No matter how many "European Days of Remembrance" they will organize, no matter how much more they will distort the historical truth, the enemies of the working class will be ultimately defeated by the peoples' struggle.