Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Istanbul says No!": Turkish communists defy Erdogan government's ban of rally

According to soL International, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) made a public statement upon the government's ban on the rally that is scheduled to be held on April 2 with the slogan, 'İstanbul says no'. TKP calls the people to come together at a meeting on April 9. 

The Governorship of İstanbul has banned the TKP's rally scheduled for April 2 under the slogan of “İstanbul says ‘no’!”, on March 31, just  2 days before the meeting.

Since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) holds pro-‘yes’ campaign meetings across the country in the run-up to the referendum, the Communist Party of Turkey reacted the ban of the rally with a public declaration.


TKP’s statement read: “The Governorship of İstanbul banned the meeting, ‘İstanbul Says No’, which is scheduled to be held on April 2, on the grounds of the fact that ‘the rally venue is not listed as a meeting place’. It is no surprising to us that the Governorship has banned this meeting. However, no one should doubt that the ban will just reinforce our resolution.”

TKP pointed out the hypocritical approach of the government: “Considering that the supporters of the ruling power can hold outdoor and indoor meetings wherever they want, unlawfulness becomes apparent. The meeting of April 2 has been banned, but the people are still continuing to say ‘no’!”

Showing its resolute stance against government’s bans, the statement continued: “The Communist Party of Turkey does not opt for reviewing its resolution on holding the meeting, ‘İstanbul Says No’. Taking the responsibility of holding the meeting in such a way that our people, who say ‘no’, can attend it, the Party will make an application to hold a rally, ‘The People Say No’, on April 9 in İstanbul.”

The Communist Party of Turkey concluded: “Governmental officials may dismiss the legal responsibilities arising from the authorities they are using today without recognizing the Constitution, laws, and rights. They should definitely not consider that they will not be called to account for the historical responsibilities they assume.”  

The Communist Party of Turkey’s statement also announced that the details of the rally on April 9 will be declared on Monday, April 3, calling the people to come together in İstanbul on April 9 in order to show that the people cannot be silenced with bans.