Sunday, November 5, 2023

Communist Party of Kenya: Statement on King Charles III's Visit and British Colonial Legacy

The Communist Party of Kenya Statement on King Charles III's Visit and British Colonial Legacy

In the looming shadow of King Charles III's visit to our nation, we find ourselves confronted by a stark and unsettling reality. His presence serves as a jarring reminder of an old-world order, a fading relic of redundant and defeated feudal forces that once dominated Europe. 

King Charles III embodies a symbol of wanton robbery, echoing the exploitation of the global south. 

Welcomed by a select few among the predator class, the filthy rich, his visit has ignited widespread discontent among the majority of Kenyans. In the midst of this unrest, the pockets of demonstrations being stifled by the Kenya police reflect a society at a crossroads, wrestling with the weight of its past and the desire for a more equitable future. 

The Communist Party of Kenya stands in solidarity with our fellow citizens who are demanding a public apology and compensation for the egregious crimes committed by the British colonial administration during their rule over Kenya. The scars of this oppressive history still run deep within our society, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that justice prevails. This injustice must be acknowledged, and amends must be made. 

The suffering of our people at the hands of the British colonialists cannot be understated. The pain, loss, and trauma experienced by Kenyan families continue to haunt us to this day. The struggles, the lives lost, the resources plundered, and the cultural heritage stolen during this dark period of our history cannot be ignored or brushed aside. It is a stain on the pages of history that must be addressed. 

In addition to an official apology, we demand that the British government provides fair and just compensation for the victims and descendants of those who endured the brutality of colonial rule. This compensation should not be viewed as charity but as a moral obligation to correct the historical injustices perpetrated by the colonial powers. 

Furthermore, we call for the immediate closure of the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK). This military base, a relic of the colonial era, poses a threat to our national sovereignty and solidarity. It symbolizes the remnants of a colonial mindset that has no place in the modern world. We believe in a Kenya that is free from foreign military presence and interference, where our people can chart their own destiny. 

In addition to the demands for a public apology, compensation, and the closure of BATUK, we must also address the issue of land that, by and large, remains in the hands of British multinational corporations and their local proxies. The legacy of colonial land dispossession continues to perpetuate economic disparities and social injustices within our nation. It is essential that we work towards a fair and just redistribution of land, ensuring that the wealth of our beautiful country benefits all Kenyan citizens, rather than a select few. 

Furthermore, one of the poignant demands of our people is the identification and recognition of the final resting place of the Kenyan freedom hero, Dedan Kimathi. His unwavering courage and sacrifice for the cause of our nation's independence is an integral part of our history. The fact that he was hanged and buried in an unknown location within Kamiti Maximum Prison is a glaring injustice that must be rectified. We call upon the British administration to cooperate in the efforts to locate and properly memorialize Dedan Kimathi's grave, allowing his spirit and legacy to inspire future generations and stand as a symbol of the struggles and sacrifices made for our freedom. 

In addition to the demands for a public apology, compensation, the closure of BATUK, land reform, and the honouring of our national heroes, we must emphasize that the Communist Party of Kenya reiterates its unwavering commitment to the ultimate goal of true freedom for the majority of the Kenyan people. We release this statement as a call to action, recognizing that while diplomatic negotiations are vital, only resistance from below and the total destruction of the neocolonial turbo-capitalist state in Kenya shall guarantee genuine liberation for our citizens. 

The struggle for justice, equality, and a brighter future is not solely the responsibility of our leaders; it is the collective duty of every Kenyan who longs for a just and equitable society. Together, through grassroots activism, solidarity, and the dismantling of the systems that perpetuate injustice, we can work toward the true freedom that our people deserve. Let this statement serve as a rallying cry for the ongoing struggle to create a Kenya where all its citizens can enjoy the fruits of their labour and the benefits of independence.

Down with Imperialism!

Long live Freedom Heroes!

Long Live CPK!

Solidarity in struggle,

Department of Propaganda of the Central Organizing Committee (DPCOC) of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)