Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Communists in Finland protested against the ban of communist symbols

On the initiative of the Communist Workers' Party of Finland, a protest against the government's plans to ban communist symbols. was organized on Sunday in Helsinki's central square.

A few months after the country's accession to NATO, the coalition government in which the far-right racist "Party of Finns" also participates, promotes a bill under the pretext of "combating racism and discrimination".
Based on the unhistorical and dangerous theory of the "two extremes" and the equation of Nazism - Communism, which is also the official ideology of the EU and fuels fascism and its crimes, the bill provides for the banning of the symbols of Nazism and Communism .

The Communists of Finland responded militantly to these tactics, declaring that they would intensify their action against bans, persecutions and the vile "witch hunt" against the Communists. They also called on the people to be vigilant because the intensity of anti-communism and repression necessarily accompanies the intensity of anti-people attack.