Monday, January 30, 2023

Grover Furr: Message for Nikos Mottas' book on Stalin and Anti-communism

Message sent by Professor Grover Furr on the occasion of the presentation of Nikos Mottas' book titled "Yes, but Stalin..." in Athens:

"I am glad to hear that Nikos Mottas’ book exposing and opposing the attacks on the Soviet Union, especially on the period of Soviet history when Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Communist Party and, for some period, of the government of the Soviet Union.

Anticommunists dishonestly try to equate Stalin with Adolf Hitler, the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany, and communism with fascism. They do so in order to conceal the fact that the capitalist states were early supporters of fascism generally and Hitler specifically. The leaders of the Western imperialist countries welcomed Hitler’s rise, and the rise of other fascists like Benito Mussolini in Italy, as bulwarks against the militant working-class movements and especially of the communist movement. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the establishment of the first socialist state, run by and for the working class, was the focus of capitalist hatred for the entire existence of the USSR.

Since the publication of a great many documents from former Soviet archives, we can now see the evidence that the accusations against Stalin of crimes are false. I have studied many of them over more than twenty years. So far, I have not found a single alleged “crime” of Stalin that can be supported by evidence. All these accusations are false!

Even before the Soviet archives began to disgorge their secrets, it was obvious to any objective person that it was the Western capitalist dictatorship, falsely called “democracies,” that held hundreds of millions of people under dictatorial conditions in their colonies. The so-called “democracies” like England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the United States never considered extending “democracy” to the people in their empires, but instead used massive violence against them.

It was the worldwide communist movement, strongly supported during the “Stalin period” by the Soviet Union, that led the fight against colonialism.

It was only because of the example of the benefits to working people in the Soviet Union and Communist China that the Western capitalist countries conceded certain benefits to the working class such as unemployment insurance, medical care, and pensions. Now that the Soviet Union and the magnificent communist movement of the 20th century has collapsed, these reforms are being taken away in every capitalist country.

The future of the working people of the world depends upon building a new worldwide communist movement. One essential part of this struggle is the fight to expose the lies about the Soviet Union, especially about Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union during his time. Mr. Mottas’ new book will help us toward that goal".

Grover Furr.