Sunday, December 11, 2022

"Yes, but Stalin...", by Nikos Mottas: New book exposing anti-communist lies released in Greece

The book's cover.
What were the Moscow Trials and the so-called “Great Purge” of 1936-38? Who was the actual perpetrator of the Katyn Massacre? What was the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact and is it true that Stalin allied with Hitler? What was agreed at the Yalta Conference? Why was the Berlin Wall built? What happened in Hungary and Czecholoslovakia in 1956 and 1968 respectively? Who were Aleksandr Solzenitsyn and George Orwell? Is there a dictatorship in Cuba? How does the EU systematically promote anti-communist revision of history?

The above are some of the questions answered in the new book written by “In Defense of Communism” editor in chief Nikos Mottas and published in Greek language by Atexnos Publishing House
The book titled “Yes, but Stalin...” (inspired by anti-communists' whataboutism) is focused on anti-communist historiography, exposing various falsehoods and lies spread by the imperialist propaganda throughout the 20th century. In a press release about the book, the publisher points out:

“History, they say, is written by the victors, even the temporary ones. The prevalence of counter-revolution and the overthrow socialism in the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries in the early 1990s was the trigger for the escalation of anti-communism at all levels. Through bourgeois historiography and the mainstream media, a series of “theories” aimed at slandering the 20th century socialism and demonizing Marxist-Leninist ideology have been developed.

The new book written by Nikos Mottas “visits” significant events of the last 100 years, challenging the dominant anti-communist narratives, exposing lies and slanders, as well as gathering facts, arguments and answers against the falsification of historical issues, situations and personalities.

The new edition aspires to open a confrontation with anti-communism, having clear that the defense of the international communist movement's history and the importance of historical socialism isn't merely a struggle of academic and philological interest, but an integral part of the class struggle, for the present and the future, for the realization of the necessity and timeliness of socialism”.

Title: “Yes, but Stalin...”: Anti-communism and distortion of History («Ναι, αλλά ο Στάλιν...»: Αντικομμουνισμός και παραχάραξη της Ιστορίας)

Author/Editor: Nikos Mottas
Language: Greek
Publisher: Atexnos
Pages: 184
Date of Publication: October 2022
ISBN: 978–618-5685–11-9

The book is currently available only in Greek language. Any publisher who wishes to acquire book translation rights for publication can contact: , Atexnos Publishing House, 11 Fidiou Str, 10678 Athens, Greece. Website: