Monday, January 9, 2023

Brazilian Communist Party: Mass struggle against coup d'état! Fascists will not pass!

The following statement was issued by the
National Political Commission of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB):

On the afternoon of that Sunday, January 8, supporters of Jair Bolsonaro invaded the National Congress and tried to occupy buildings of other public bodies, with the intention of promoting disturbances and giving rise to a coup d'état.

This movement has been articulated for months by sectors of the Brazilian ultra-right, which has strong financial support from businessmen and segments of the military police and the Armed Forces. In different media, extreme right groups have openly guided demonstrations of non-recognition of election results and attacks on democracy.

The images that circulate on social networks and also in the television press leave no doubt as to the prevarication of part of the police forces in Brasília, which, in addition to having a staff far below what should have been there to contain this announced attack, also facilitated in several parts the passage of the scammers. It was already known that about a hundred buses had arrived at the federal capital with coup demonstrators. This fact is not unique: after the announcement of Lula's victory, coup actions were plotted in broad daylight, such as those that took place in Brasília on December 24 or with the attempt to blow up a tank truck at Brasília airport, at on the eve of the end of the Bolsonaro government, to spread chaos, hatred, confrontation with institutions, and prepare the ground for a possible military intervention.

The PCB understands that there is a clear attack on democratic bodies underway. We demand an immediate investigation and punishment of the authorities that prevaricated and made this disastrous episode possible. We demand investigations to identify the leaders and financiers of these actions and their arrest.

The moment demands an effective and articulated response from all popular and social movements, democratic entities and leftist parties against neo-fascism and its terrorist groups, with a strong unity of action.

Thus, we propose:

1. An emergency meeting of the national leaderships of the parties of the left and of the progressive field, to articulate actions and mobilizations against the coup agitations, with imprisonment for coup leaders and dismissal for servants complicit in the coup attempt.

2. Articulation in the states of mass acts denouncing the coup agitations and demanding the arrest of the articulators of the coup agitations.

3. Organization of broad state plenaries to denounce coup attempts and in defense of democratic freedoms!

Fascists will not pass!!