Wednesday, September 8, 2021

"As long as the Soviet Union existed no one was hungry"

A white t-shirt with the initials of the Soviet Union in Russian (CCCP) and the sickle and hammer were enough to infuriate anti-communists in social media. 

Julia Nova, a Greek model and TV presenter (photo), decided to share with her followers the happiness of pregnancy by uploading a photo on her Instagram profile account

The photo of her wearing a t-shirt with the "USSR" initials on it provoked the angry reaction of anti-communists, right-wingers and various social media trolls who attacked her. Julia, who is of Ukrainian origin, became the target of rude and derisive comments by some users who apparently can't stand in the view of the sickle and hammer.

"Shame on you, a girl of Ukrainian origin, to wear such a t-shirt... Didn't your mother or grandmother teach you the story of your country", wrote an Instagram user. 

Instead of back down, Julia replied fearlessly in defense of the Soviet Union

"Because my parents, my friends' parents and grandparents have talked to me, I have no problem to wear it. As long as the Soviet Union existed no one was hungry, there was free education, free healthcare, jobs and in general the life quality of the people wasn't bad. You were studying, the state managed to find a job for you and you weren't anxious about your survival.... And think that after the dissolution (of the USSR) the people are hungry over there". 

Internet trolls, alongside mainstream media, have tried to ridicule Julia because she said the truth. Millions of people in the former countries of the Soviet Union, including Russia and Ukraine, have expressed their nostalgia for the years of socialism, when they had free education, free healthcare and social security, jobs and a quality of life. 

That is why the bourgeois media giants and their servants have tried so hard to defame socialism-communism by spreading lies about the history of the Soviet Union. But no matter how hard they try, the truth about the superiority of socialism over capitalist barbarity will always triumph.