Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Portugal: Festa do Avante! 2021 successfully held in Seixal

The Avante! Festival, the annual festival organized by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), took place with remarkable success on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September at Quinta da Atalaia, Seixal, with the participation of thousands of people and more than 40 international representations of communist parties and other progressive forces from 4 continents.

In his speech on September 5th, the General Secretary of the Communist Party Jerónimo de Sousa stated: 

"This is a unique Festival, there is no other like it in Portugal. A Festival where the Party that we are is expressed, its transforming project, the strength of its convictions, its values and ideals, its way of being in life, its determination to fight and build a better future. That expresses and projects this Party that is here, that has lived and struggled for 100 years, passing on the witness from generation to generation, serving the workers, the people and the Country, always in solidarity with the liberating struggles of all peoples of the world". 

The story of "Avante!" Festival, which is named after the official newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party, goes back to 1976 and since then has been a great cultural and political event that attracks young men and women from all over Portugal as well as international delegations from communist parties from around the world.