Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Greece: Five communist mayors go to second round of local elections on June 2

From left: Peletidis (Patras), Stamelos (Kesariani), Selekos (Haidari), 
Simos (Petroupoli), Lardas (Ikaria).
The five communist (backed by the KKE) mayors are going to the second round of municipal elections in Greece, after the results of May 26th. 

The five mayors, heads of the "People's Rally" (Laiki Sispirosi) lists, will have the opportunity to re-claim their mayorship in the local elections run-off next Sunday 2 July. More specifically:

In Patras, mayor Kostas Peletidis received 40.59% of the votes (approximately 39,500 votes). 

In Kesariani, the heroic district of Athens, mayor Ilias Stamelos received 29.87% (app. 3,525 votes).

In Petroupoli (Athens), mayor Vangelis Simos received 23.68% and approximately 5,874 votes. 

In Haidari (Athens), mayor Michael Selekos received 25.43% and 5,502 votes. His opponent, Evangelos Diniakos, received in the first round 41.06%.

In Ikaria (Region of Northern Aegean), Nikolaos Lardas - head of the "People's Rally", successor candidate of mayor Stelios Stamoulos - received 33.97% of votes, while his opponent, Nikolaos Kalampogias, got 42.65%. 

"This week we give the fight of the second round, in the five municipalities where, in the previous five years, we had the majority, with new impetus so that we will elect again the militant authorities in Patras, Petroupoli, Kesariani, Haidari, Ikaria", points out a statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) regarding the elections of May 26th.