Friday, May 10, 2019

Despicable: Tsipras signs EU Council's vulgar anti-communist declaration in Romania

A shameful delcaration was signed yesterday, Thursday 9 May, by the EU leaders at Sibiu, Romania, during an unofficial summit. All together, "liberals" and "social democrats", "conservatives" and "progressives", confirmed the rottenness of the so-called "founding values" of the EU. The declaration of Sibiu, signed on 9 May (on the anniversary of the Great Anti-Fascist Victory), is another memorial of hideous anti-communism

What is even more interesting is that this blatantly anti-communist document bears the signature of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the- supposedly "radical left"- SYRIZA party. 

More specifically, the Sibiu declaration writes among other things: "Thirty years ago millions of people fought for their freedom and for unity and brought down the Iron Curtain, which had divided Europe for decades. There is no place for divisions that work against our collective interest". 

The people "fought for their freedom" and "brought down the Iron Curtain" - That is how the European Council, including Tsipras, view the counterrevolutionary events which led to the overthrow of socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the beginning of 1990s! This is a vulgar anti-communist narrative fuels the rise of far-right and fascist forces. 

Furthermore, the above reference of the Sibiu declaration proves that anti-communism goes hand by hand with the fierce attack of the EU and its governments against workers' rights, the intensification of austerity, the implementation of policies in favor of the capital's profits. 

As for PM Alexis Tsipras and his party, SYRIZA, only two words can express their political stance: Shame and humiliation. Speaking in the Parliament, the Communist Party of Greece MP Giannis Giokas blasted the signing of the Sibiu declaration by the SYRIZA government. "We thought that we have seen everything with your government. Memorandums and anti-people measures, bowings to american imperialism, partnerships with the murderers of the Palestinian people and many more. It turns out that each time you surpass yourselves. You prove that downhill has no end, the barrel has no bottom", he said. 

Reading the shameful reference of the declaration to the "Iron Curtain", the KKE MP pointed out: "Shame, disgrace, this is what you are. You adopt the whole propaganda of imperialism after WW2, the propaganda of Churchill and Truman, the propaganda of McCarthyism against the people's struggle and the socialist system". 

After his speech, Giokas deposed to the empty governmental seats a photograph depicting the red flag in Reichstag, so that Mr Tsipras and his ministers "see what we honor on May 9th".