Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three years of SYRIZA government in Greece

"Everything was easier with Tsipras and Tsakalotos. It's a completely different situation." This particular statement, made a few days ago by Jeroen Dijsselbloem in his last interview as the head of the Eurogroup, could be an excellent headline in the chapter "Three years of SYRIZA-ANEL governance".
During this time, taking the towel of antipeople policy from ND and PASOK, the SYRIZA-ANEL government has managed in a record time to complete a series of dirty missions for the capital, that the former [governments] left in the middle, earning the credit from the "hawks", as SYRIZA was calling the representatives of the EU and the IMF in the past.

From the anti-strike law and the "reform" of the Social Security system to the anti-workers overthrows, the auctions and privatizations and from the embellishment of imperialism, NATO and the USA to the serving of dangerous geostrategic plans in the broader region, SYRIZA's contribution is recognized by the capital and its representatives, both in the country as well as abroad. 
At the same time, the new privileges to the capital, through tax examptions, tax relief and "development" laws, which serve the aim of profits' recovery and the large business groups' competitiveness boost, consist the other side of the same antipeople policy which the SYRIZA-ANEL government consistently continues.

Three years since January 2015, the government claims an Oscar Award in political deception against the working-popular strata. From the [pre-electoral statement] "we will abolish the memorandums [of austerity] with a one law and within an article", SYRIZA voted another memorandum alongside ANEL, ND, PASOK and Potami. From the "drums" that SYRIZA would supposedly play making the "foreign hawks of the markets" dancing in his tune, they reached to the political "striptease" of the Prime Minister in his meeting with Trump.

This course wasn't something unexptected, as the KKE was saying from the very first time. It wasn't a product of "necessary compromise under the blackmail of the creditors" as the government has tried to justify its policy thus trying to renew its ability to deceive the people.

It was a prescribed course for a party like SYRIZA, which quickly became into a party of social democracy and, under the given circumstances, it was upgraded in bourgeois management.

The verified conclusion is that no political power that accepts the capitalist economy, the bourgeois power, the imperialist unions, can exercise policy in favor of the workers. That no government in the ground of capitalism can pave the way for pro-people upheavals. The recovery of capitalist profilt and the workers-people's rights and modern needs are incompatible.

However, it is a fact, that many progressive, people of left ideology, workers, self-employed people, poor farmen- being disgusted and indignant by the antipeople policy of the former governments-  believed in SYRIZA and invested expectations in its promises. The last three years have refuted even the least of expectations. This fact should not lead to defeatism, to the view that nothing can be done, but to the drawing of meaningful conclusions. 

Today, it is more than ever proven that the capitalist profit is the cause for the suffering of the working class and the popular strata. Only alongside the KKE, with the participation in the struggle for the rebuilding of the labor movement and the formation of Social Alliance, in collision with the capital, the governments and its parties. For wage increases, improvement of working conditions, abolition of anti-workers laws, effective protection of people's houses from auctions, relief for the unemployed people, the over-indebted households, etc. 

The people have the power to turn things upside down, to utilize the achievements of science and the rise of productivity in order to meet the modern needs, struggling to gain the power and the keys of the economy's organization.

Source: Rizospastis / Translation: In Defense of Communism.