Saturday, January 6, 2018

Greek soldiers refused to guard NATO's base: "We will never carry out any service supporting NATO killers"

Archive Photo.
According to a report published in "Rizospastis", soldiers denied to participate in the guarding of NATO's newly established helicopter base at the port of Alexandroupolis, in northern Greece. 

Talking to Rizospastis, one of the Greek soldiers - who perform their military service- said:

"We will never guard, or carry out any other service that supports NATO and the American murderers of the people. That is what I personally supported in my report to the (military) command. My colleagues did the same. It is provocative and unacceptable that they bring in our country, in our home, NATO's army which plan and unleash wars against the people."

The soldier also mentioned: "(By guarding them) we are becoming accomplices in their crimes that everyone knows. Crimes against the people of Yugoslavia, Syria and other people. We do not forget the intervention of the Ango-americans in our country, against the Greek people during 1946-1949, against the Democratic Army of Greece. It is an insult and a shame for the soldier to be given orders to service the interests of the people's killers, something that is against the interests of the Greek people and youth."