Tuesday, November 28, 2017

KKE: Protest outside the Polish embassy in Athens against anticommunist persecutions

With a protest outside the Polish embassy yesterday in Athens, members of the Communist Party of Greece expressed their condemnation of the anticommunist persecutions that take place in Poland. 

The delegation of the KKE, headed by the Member of the European Parliament Kostas Papadakis, delivered to the personnel of the embassy a statement in which the Party expresses its opposition to the persecutions.

It must be reminded that the court proceedings were due to start on Monday 27/11, with the judicial prosecution based on charges of propagating communist ideology in the „Brzask” newspaper and on the Communist Party of Poland's website.

In its statement the KKE "condemns and denounces these anticommunist measures and persecutions, every kind of prohibitions against communists such as trials against them, prohibitions of communist symbols and of spreading communist ideas. This unacceptable persecution under no circumstances is lawful because it has the support of the reactionary EU or because similar (persecutions) are promoted in other countries".

"The prohibitions", writes the KKE statement, "the repression measures against the activity of the communists go hand-by-hand with the overall antiworkers measures and the attack to the rights and conquests of the working class". 

"They consist part of the known propaganda about "totalitarian regime" that promotes the provocative and unhistorical equation of communism with the monster of fascism, which is born and raised by the capitalist system".

The KKE expresses its solidarity to the communists and the class-labour movement of Poland and demands the immediate withdrawal of all persecutions against the CP of Poland, its members and cadres.  

Source: 902.gr / Translation: In Defense of Communism.