Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Greece's government sold ammunition to Saudi Arabia - The KKE denounces the agreement

Another shameful agreement by the- supposedly- "left" government of SYRIZA. This time, the Greek Ministry of Defense agreed to sell ammunition to Saudi Arabia, a country with a very dark role in the promotion and implementation of imperialist plans in the broader region of the Middle East. 

The agreement between Greece and Saudi Arabia was denounced by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the Press Office of which issued the following statement:

"The KKE through its parliamentary representative Thanasis Pafilis, in the relevant committee of the Parliament's defense committee which met on this matter, not only voted against but also denounced the agreement.

The KKE firmly opposes agreements of military character that the Greek governments sign with countries which participate in interventions against other people, such as the case of Saudi Arabia.

We call the government to publish the meeting's record that expose the stance of ever party, so that the Greek people will be informed in a responsible way."