Sunday, October 1, 2017

Spain and the Catalan referendum: The working people must not place themselves under false flags

The developments of the last days in Spain consist part of a fierce intra-bourgeois clash about the possibility of Catalonia's secession from the country. 

The secessionist trends have been supported by a significant part of the region's bourgeois class, which utilizes the multi-ethnic character of the Spanish state, the existing peculiarities in language, customs and customs, in order to unite petty-bourgeois masses and working class people on the basis of the "right to self-determination" and "democracy". In fact, this strategy puts large numbers of working class people under a "false flag", by promoting the contradiction of  "self-determination" vs "dependence on Spain". 

However, they hide the real contradiction: the one between the capitalists and the working class. The workers, both in the frame of the unified capitalist Spanish state or in the frame of an independent capitalist Catalan state, will be subject to the same exploitation. Therefore, within the framework of capitalism, the life of the working class people will be the same, either under a spanish bourgeois government or under a catalan one. 

The above crucial aspect has been highlighted only by the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE), which with its Secretary Astor Garcia, its members and cadres, has called the popular forces to strengthen their organisation against the class enemy- the bourgeois power herself. Only with the overthrow of the capital's authority, with a socialist power, the peoples of Spain can actually realize their right to self-determination.