Friday, July 7, 2017

Russia's bourgeois class still trembles at the sight of Stalin: The Moscow State Law Academy incident

Sixty-four years have been passed since the biological death of Joseph Stalin and, still, the bolshevik leader creates nightmares to the bourgeois class. They fear his legacy, his name, even his portraits or plaques which refer to him. 

According to an Agence France-Presse report (which is full of stereotypical anti-communist references to "Stalin's repression"), everything started when the Moscow State Law University last month reinstated a Soviet-era plaque marking a speech delivered there by Stalin in 1924. The plaque had been removed in the 1960s. A former student launched an online petition in order to have the plaque removed, while a defense lawyer called Genri Reznik and professors of another college break their ties with the university in protest. 

Apparently, their problem is Socialism and the Soviet Union- would they protest if instead of Stalin the plaque was commemorating Tsar Nikolai II or counter-revolutionary fascists like Solzhenitsyn

Despite the decades-long severe anti-stalinist propaganda, Joseph Stalin remains in the minds and hearts of the Russian working people as the leader who contributed immensely to the aim of Socialism-Communism. It was during Stalin's leadership when the Soviet Union crushed the monster of Nazism and put the foundations for the construction of Socialism in the country. 

Слава Сталину!