Monday, July 17, 2017

Anti-workers rage by SYRIZA's newspaper “Avgi” challenges the right to strike!

In an anti-workers delirium that even the right-wing, neoliberal press would envy, SYRIZA party's newspaper “Avgi” launched a vociferous attack against the working people's right to strike! In an article published on 28/6, the newspaper shamelessly attacked the striking mobilizations of the municipal sanitation workers by reproducing the most reactionary arguments of the bourgeois press. Trying to justify the anti-people, anti-worker policy of the SYRIZA coalition government, “Avgi” characterizes the strike as the “ultimate medium” (!) which, according to the newspaper, should not be used frequently by the workers.

Using the arguments of the capitalists and big employers, the newspaper of SYRIZA tries to fuel “social automatism” (turning labor sectors against each other) and undermine class solidarity. In order to do this, the paper attacks the strikers for “keeping society hostage” and blames the workers-peoples' mobilizations for being “harmful” for the “national interests”! According to “Avgi”, the “national interest” is the interest of the bourgeoisie which the SYRIZA government faithfully serves.

The newspaper intentionally tries to undermine the solidarity among workers of different sectors thus condemning those who strike against the barbaric policy of the government as “enemies” of the economy and development. But the point where “Avgi” openly challenges the right to strike is when it writes the following: “Some crucial for the social and national interests sectors do not have the right to strike” (!). Yes, the official party newspaper of SYRIZA reaches the highest levels of reaction, showing its real role as a social democratic instrument of the bourgeois class.

Apparently, the article of “Avgi” echoes the deeper intentions of the Tsipras' government to restrict the right to strike. Being in the service of the big capital and an enemy of the working class, the SYRIZA-ANEL government is ruthless in accomplishing its anti-people role. The working class movement in Greece have no other choice but to stand firm in class solidarity and respond dynamically to such hideous provocations.