Saturday, March 26, 2016

Communist Youth of Greece (KNE): Capitalism generates crises, wars, refugees! We struggle to overthrow it!

Announcement of KNE on the refugees' issue.

In recent months we witness the drama of thousands of refugees and migrants, who, expelled from their lands, are seeking a better life.
EU-NATO and governments that support them over time:
- Uproot peoples from their homelands by war
- Now with their decisions, they entrap them in our country although they want to go to other countries
War, repression, profits for the few:
These were always the values ​​of the EU!

Tens of thousands of stranded refugees in our country is the result of the policy and the decisions of the European Union.
In theory the government is in solidarity with the plight of the refugees, but in practice it is involved in every step that exacerbates the problem: it is involved, like the ones before it, in the imperialist interventions, it signs and implements the EU decisions which exacerbate the problem for both the uprooted and the Greeks.
• The EU was never the union of "Solidarity", of "economic and social prosperity," as they tell to us in schools, in colleges. As the government, the New Democracy and all the parties who defend the EU say. All the previous years the EU together with NATO organized dozens of wars, massacres of peoples for the profits of the few. Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Libya (2011) and Syria (2011), in African countries. This is how the huge refugee flows were created. Now they even prepare a new war in Libya! Had SYRIZA, ANEL, New Democracy not heard anything about these crimes? They knew. When these crimes were committed, they calmed the people saying that they hadsupposedly something to win from wars. EU means prosperity for the few, poverty, wars and uprooting of many.
• The EU has not "lost the straight path" as the government claims. EU operations demonstrate that from the beginning of its establishment it was against the people. The participation in imperialist war is the continuation of the permanent "war" that it has declared against the rights and needs of workers and youth across Europe. What KKE says is proven every day:
That the EU is a prison of peoples. It exists and acts to protect and strengthen by all means the profits of the few.
They put the wolf to guard the sheep!
At the same time that the conflicts between powerful economic interests in the Southeast Mediterranean and the Middle East are festered, the Greek government agreed to the NATO presence in the Aegean sea.
The Government has great responsibilities as it agrees and fills us with endless lies!
• It is a lie that "NATO came to control refugee flows" or that "NATO will hit traffickers."Wars organized by NATO - EU increased refugee flows. They can not solve the problem they created. Wars give work to the traffickers’ circuits.
 It is a lie that "NATO and the EU can ensure peace and security". They are who lit the fire of war. NATO actually comes to the Aegean to support Turkey in its conflict with Russia and the situation in northern Syria with the Kurds. With its presence, it increases the risk of re-engagement of Greece, questioning sovereign rights, "graying" of new zones in the Aegean.
• The government, the bourgeois parties and the media mock us before our eyes when they say that "NATO will engage only in Turkish territorial waters." NATO does not recognize the border between the states - members, so neither do those between Greece and Turkey. That is why NATO has not said a word for years about the violations of the airspace and the territorial waters of Greece from Turkey.
• It is a lie that "the EU and NATO protect Greece '. They have never protected any people. The fight between states, the contradictions between the capitalists of Greece and Turkey are in order to share the profits. The two peoples will not see any benefit. Greek capitalists and their government do not hesitate to endanger even the sovereign rights of Greece involving our people to new trouble! With the responsibility of the Greek governments and the EU-NATO agreement, the co-administration of Aegean by Greece and Turkey has been routed for years.
• NATO is a military alliance of exploiters, enemy of the people, like the EU. The Greek people know what NATO is. NATO supported the unpopular authoritarian regime of the dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974). It supported in practice the invasion and occupation of part of Cyprus by Turkey. Greece participates in NATO for years, assigning territories, bases and other facilities in this killing machine for the wars. Our people have not won anything from the participation of the country in NATO.
The NATO presence signals the further concentration of military forces in a "flammable" area, such as the Aegean. It is one very dangerous turn for the people, and especially young people. They are preparing a new massacre in our region. All people could find themselves at the place of today’s immigrants and refugees.
Our grandparents refugees, our parents immigrants, and we racists?
We remember! We know well of our grandparents, of our parents and of their stories what refugees mean
• Tents like those currently hosting refugees, the past years hosted Greeks of Izmir.
• Previously Greek mothers with their babies in their arms ran to escape, like refugee children with their mothers today.
• oats and trains flooded with Greeks going to the US, Germany, Belgium, as today’s smugglers’ inflatables and old tubs are filled with uprooted people.
We know well from our friends today what  refugee means. We know well that immigrants and refugees are at the same place and even worse as our own families. We share common agonies, many common problems, a common enemy.
These images and memories are hypocritically exploited by the government that has enormous responsibilities for the entrapment of thousands of uprooted people in our country.
Solidarity is the weapon of the peoples!
With the chased we are on the same side: The side of the oppressed. We have common interests to fight against our opponent, which in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, the Balkans is the same: The capitalist system that has rotted and creates only war, poverty, refugees. This is the way for all people to live with modern rights in his country.
Who is the winner of the hatred between Greek and foreign poor, from racism and xenophobia? Who is the one that does not want us united even if we have common problems? They are the few, the exploiters. They sow racism to turn people against one another, and not all of us together in our struggle against the exploiters. Racism and xenophobia are weapons of the exploiters!
Isolate Golden Dawn!
We will not allow the Golden Dawn to appear, to throw its racist and fascist poison. The Nazi - criminal Golden Dawn says the enemy is the uprooted, hiding the real opponent of both Greeks and immigrants: They exploiters and their power!
We will not allow the racist attacks that Greek immigrants face in other countries to happen in our country from Greeks against the hunted!
The peoples of the region have nothing to divide!
United in the struggle against the exploiters, strengthening international solidarity, peoples can earn the life that the exploitative system denies to give them today. As long as the imperialist interventions keep on and the EU-NATO decisions apply, there can be no solution to the problem. KKE has made specificproposals to alleviate the consequences, which require a break with the EU and the imperialist organizations, with the exploitative system itself. The patriotic attitude for every Greek new employee, student is solidarity to refugees, the fight to get Greece out of the imperialist plans. We claim:
• To ensure the safe and direct transfer of refugees from first asylum countries (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon) and from Greece, of those who are trapped, to their final destination countries of their choice with the UN and EU responsibility.
•  The immediate NATO withdrawal from the Sea.
• The full respect of the Geneva treaty and international law on refugees. Asylum or temporary humanitarian status to be given to refugees and to those who come from countries with imperialist war, occupation or civil war.
• Brave strengthening of the infrastructure and personnel assigned to rescue, reception, care and registration with the sole responsibility of the state and the contribution of the solidarity of the organized workers- people movement.
• Establishment of humane and decent, open and public temporary immigrant-refugee reception and guest places, which will operate under the responsibility of the Ministry of Migration Policy.
• No to hot - spots because they are sorting centers for relocation of very few refugees, those deemed useful for the monopolies of the EU member countries that will choose them and mass trapping for the rest.
• Remove the Dublin Regulation of Schengen, Frontex and of all EU enforcement mechanisms. No more border guard for Frontex. No to the new enforcement measures by creating "a European border guard-Coast Guard".

• No involvement of Greece, nor any disposal of the armed forces in imperialist wars and interventions. Close now all NATO bases.
We fight for a society without crises, wars, refugees!

Today exploiters in order to secure thei profits, along with governments and their associations, crush our rights to education, work, life, they condemn us to unemployment, job wandering for their profits.
Tomorrow again for their interests they will want to make us meat for the cannons in their wars.
Young people of labor - class families raise our own flag, the flag of the struggle for our modern rights. The flag of struggle to overthrow the monopolies’ power, in favour of the working - popular power. For people to become the masters of their own land. For solidarity and joint struggle of the peoples.
For the socialist future without crises, wars, refugees!