Sunday, March 27, 2016

RIZOSPASTIS headlines (26/3/2016)

Sunday edition of "Rizospastis".
Organ of the CC of KKE (Communist Party of Greece)

- Antipeople and dangerous developments: Popular mobilization and action (is) the only solution.
- Everybody at PAME's rallies: Tuesday 29/3 in Thessaloniki, 31/3 in Athens and Piraeus.
- The KKE Central Committee honours Yannis Markopoulos (composer): A great concert on Monday 28th of March.
- Municipality of Patras: The large mobilization against unemployment begins on Saturday 2nd of April.

- Nikos Sofianos: The proposal of KKE shows the path for a society worthwhile to walk in.
- Massacre in Brussels: Murderous attacks in the background of imperialist antagonisms and plans- New crackdown measures ahead.
- Immigrants - Refugees: The mass trapping is on the table.
- Galatia Kazantzakis - Melpo Axioti: Two communist creators!
- 36th Congress of GSEE: No relation with the anxieties and sufferings on the working people. 
- Obama's visit in Havana: The overthrow of the revolution's conquests is (their) constant aim.
- Syria: Hard poker game in the background of continuous rivalries...