Thursday, February 22, 2024

Spain: PCTE will participate in 2024 European elections

At its IX Plenary Session of the Central Committee, the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE) decided to run in the European elections that will be held in the country on June 9, 2024. 
The PCTE  considers as essential that the communist ballot be present in the polling stations, that the workers know and can opt for an independent option that supports leaving the European Union.

According to a statement, PCTE ballot will be headed by Javier Martín, a member of the Political Bureau of the Party with experience in the cultural and union world, accompanied by militants, workers, colleagues from various labor sectors and social spheres with long experiences of struggle.

The PCTE's ballot and political proposal stands against those who speak in the name of the "people" but want to restrict our rights and our lives to the mandates that come from Brussels, against the reactionary "Eurosceptics" who try to pit some workers against others and who do not They defend more than another capitalist management model; for the unilateral and revolutionary break with the EU. 

A political proposal of opposition in the shadow of "austerity" that once again darkens Europe with the purpose of putting the need for savings of European capitalist states on the shoulders of the working class 

PCTE states that its candidacy "is a commitment for the working class to recover its lost political leadership, to once again assert its interests and needs, to once again walk its own path, a path of struggle and international solidarity. And in this we will not be alone, in many other European countries the parties organized in the European Communist Action will defend the same proposals, showing that, in the face of the shadow of exploitation and war, that ghost that makes governments tremble once again runs through Europe. and bosses, to war criminals, false friends of the people, corrupt and exploiters: the ghost of communism".