Tuesday, May 9, 2023

What will happen in Turkey if the Communist Party comes to power on May 14...

General elections in Turkey are scheduled to take place on May 14th and the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has announced what it would do during the first week after coming to power:

In just one (1) week...

We will provide electricity, water, natural gas and urban transport free of charge.
We will start working to ensure that all our citizens have a house where they can live humanely within one year, we will seize the houses owned by large construction companies and distribute them to those in need, we will ensure that the rents of our citizens who do not own a house are paid by the state in this one year. 

We will dismantle religious sects and shut down their dormitories and courses.
We will get out of NATO and close down foreign military bases. We will withdraw from all bilateral and international agreements that contradict the principle of independence and sovereignty.
We will nationalize electricity production and distribution companies, all mines, banks, ports, highways, airports, oil refineries, telecommunications and all enterprises in the defense industry.
We will establish a “Central Planning Organisation” composed of experts and workers’ representatives for the transition to a planned and socialist economy.
We will outlaw lay-offs, racism and war-mongering.
We will establish commissions to investigate crimes against the people, the country, women, children and secularism and bring those responsible to justice, to courts.
We will do all these in just one week, and then we will transform Turkey into an independent, free and prosperous country where no one is exploited by another, where hunger and poverty are eliminated.