Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Turkish Communist Party launches electoral campaign: "TKP comes, everything changes!"

In a press release titled "TKP COMES, EVERYTHING CHANGES", the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) launches its campaign for the 2023 parliamentary elections:

"In 1923, we broke the chains of dependence, we annulled the sultanate and the caliphate.

We overthrew the old and founded the new.

Today, as we raise our country on the basis of equality, we will remember the heroes of a hundred years ago. We will draw strength from the bravery of the poor Anatolian people, and their leaders, Mustafa Kemal and his friends, who, under very harsh conditions, won the struggle against the imperialist occupation and against the decayed and expired Ottoman Palace, founding the Republic in 1923.

It is with this belief and bravery that we call for, 2023, ONCE AGAIN.

We will found a new Republic. We will build a secular, independent, modern, and industrialised Turkey, a state of people, for the freedom of people, giving an end to exploitation and inequality.

But before that, we will OVERTHROW the reign of the shameless capitalists, international corporations and bigots who have taken over the country.

Throwing up their lies, dissemblance, decayedness and imposture to their faces!


The AKP rose to power using the slogan of struggle against poverty, corruption and bans. Today, our citizens are even poorer, the country is suffocating from corruption and it is ruled by oppressions and bans. 

It doesn’t stop here.

The AKP rose to power, referring again and again to morality and faith.

Morality! How dare?

How dare they are to speak of morality in a country with immense levels of  inequality? They are referring to “morality”, while the richest 20% of the population gets half of the national outcome and the poorest 20% gets only 5% of it.

So, we will put this immorality at the top of the list.

Such injustices, such shames that our citizens are exposed to, are based on today’s exploitative social order. The biggest immorality is to advocate for this social order, or, to take it as granted.

Some own factories, banks, hospitals, schools, mineries, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, construction companies. Some others, have nothing but their labor to survive.

The capitalists who own enterprises employ those who own nothing but their labor and gain wealth out of that, whereas those who sell their labor force to capitalists try to make a living below the level of poverty and hunger.

This is called exploitation.

TKP claims that those who lead to this situation are IMMORAL. Those who lead to this situation, while ceaselessly mentioning religion or faith, are covering a huge IMMORALITY. 

We will OVERTHROW this social order of exploitation, in which factories, banks, hospitals, schools, mines, coasts, rivers, shopping malls are owned by a small minority.

Those who blame us, communists, should understand clearly the following: We will OVERTHROW the bad, evil, unfair, wrong, and unjust, in order to FOUND the good, beautiful, fair, true and just. 

People will overthrow and found a new social order, just like in 1923.

To overthrow the bad, ugly, wrong, unjust is to advocate for the most advanced moral and humane values. 

TKP challenges those hypocrites who abuse religion, those liars who refer to “morality” whenever they open their mouths. Their morality is bought and sold by cash.

We repeat, the biggest immorality is the exploitation of human by human .

It is immoral to bring our citizens into despair with electricity and gas bills, with health and education expenses, with astronomical levels of rents.

It is immoral to dare to tame workers with unemployment, to threaten them with thousands waiting behind the door unless they accept the given wages.

It is immoral to bring our youth into misery, leave them alone with deep worries regarding the future, to condemn them to unscientific education at universities lacking food halls or dormitories.

It is immoral to establish the grounds for thousands of young people to become drug addicts while pretending to be in a struggle with drugs.

It is immoral to preserve the centuries-long patriarchy, supposedly revering women as “the mother of our children” while meddling in their jobs, freedoms or appearance.

It is immoral to toast for the honor of the dark operations of bloody-handed NATO while treating patriotism as a last refuge of the scoundrel.

It is immoral to bargain our country to international monopolies based on cheap labor force and unlimited plunder, while making comments on being “local and national”.

It is immoral to abuse the religious beliefs and faith of our people, using it to elicit power and economical interests, to turn Turkey into the playground of religious sects.

We are challenging this IMMORALITY imposed on us in the name of morality.

We are facing a social order that reinforces our citizens to be self-centered, individualist, sordid people who aim to make a quick buck. Despite this and fortunately, a great majority of Turkey’s population resist against this decay and derogation.

TKP is calling this majority for duty.

It is not enough for each of us to show solidarity, to be helpful, hardworking and honest. Being a just, patriotic, fair and modern citizen also does not suffice to solve the problems. It is not enough not to cheat on other people’s rights, it is also necessary not to allow other people to cheat on other’s rights.

“Let everyone sweep in front of his/her own door and the country will emancipate” is a deceptive thought. Altogether, we need to get rid of the reasons that lead to the darkening of this country.

For years, they engraved onto our minds the saying “taxed earnings are sacred”. If a capitalist who profits by exploiting the labor of workers, getting rich out of other people’s sweat does pay his/her taxes or not, is not significant after all. 

In reality, it is the workers who pay the taxes in this country. The capitalists receive back more than what they pay for. Subsidies, low-interest credits, public procurements, privatizations are among the methods that come first to our mind.

The law, police, army, that run based on the taxes collected, always do serve for the capitalists. Have you ever seen a boss who is bludgeoned because he laid off a worker, or a company-owner who went to jail because he paid low wages to workers?

Yet, workers going for a strike or defending their rights immediately face the har of the state.

TKP is calling our solidarity-loving, helpful, hard-working, honest, just, fair, modern and patriotic people to question this immoral and irrational social order.


We remind the struggle of the people of Anatolia who overthrew imperialism and sultanate under much more difficult conditions, to those who fall into despair, thinking “this social order can never be overthrown, it is how it is”.

Masses of people, in Turkey and in the world, always stood up, resisting injustices, exploitation, inequalities, imperialism; idealizing humanity and its noble values.

We can do it again.

We can start by setting our conscience free during the elections.

In each and every election we are faced with the imposition of electing “the lesser evil”, voting for the ones whom we don’t believe in or endorse.

What suits us well is to support the values we advocate for, and the party that we find righteous and true.

TKP considers it immoral to hide its one’s thoughts, to keep a foot in both camps, to lie to reach power, to deviate from one’s own line when challenged with force, to join unprincipled alliances and deceive people.

TKP trusts those who earn a living out of their labor, to our honest, patriotic people, to intellectuals who love their country, to those who consider secularity and independence are red lines.

Altogether, we are rebelling against the shameless bosses who consider themselves as the owners of this country and treat the workers as slaves, against this irrational social order in which we burn our lives fighting with debts and bills, against the ignorant and hostile preaches of scammer bigots. They ruined this country, we will liberate it.

We are the majority. If only we could stand up.

Yes, we can start with voting for the Communist Party of Turkey.

Let us not forget and believe in:


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