Monday, August 9, 2021

Greece fires: The KKE exposes the criminal responsibilities of all governments

“The responsible ones and the reason are known. The responsibilities of all governments are timeless”, says the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) concerning the ongoing disastrous fires of the last days in Evia, Attica and Peloponnese.

With info-graphics published on social media, the KKE exposes the responsibilities of all the Greek governments (both liberal and social democratic), including those of PASOK, New Democracy and SYRIZA. 
Under the slogan “the justified indignation must become force for assertion and struggle”, the KKE reminds the tragic results of wildfires in the past:

  • In 2000, 5 deaths and 1.6 million burned acres,
  • In 2007, 89 deaths and 2.6 million burned acres,
  • In 2018, 102 deaths and 194 thousand burned acres.

Since 1993, wildfires have cost the lives of 248 people, including 39 firefighters, and burning a total of 7.17 acres of land.

The Communist Party also reminds that all Greek governments spend billions of Euros every year for NATO military expenses, while they reduce funding for fire protection. More specifically:

  • In 2016, Greece's NATO expenses were 4.2 billion Euros, while state funding for fire protection measures was just 1.8 million!
  • In 2017, Greece's NATO expenses were 4.2 billion Euros, while state funding for fire protection measures were reduced to 1.6 million!
  • In 2018, Greece's NATO expenses were increased to 4.6 billion Euros but state funding for fire protection measures remained at 1.6 million. 
  • In 2021, Greece's NATO expenses have been increased to 6.6 billion Euros (!) while funding for fire protection is at 1.7 million Euros.

The KKE also points out that the current government has also spent: 1.9 billion Euros to buy French-made Rafale jets, 120 million Euros to support the privately-owned Aegean Airlines and 30 million Euros for the creation of "University police" force. 

The cadres and deputies of the KKE in the Parliament and in regional and municipal councils have been in constant communication with competent ministers, governors, and mayors, demanding that all necessary measures be taken on the fire fronts in order not to endanger people, to save houses, forests and wooded areas. 

They expressed solidarity and demanded that no one was left alone, that immediate relief is provided to the victims, that the state provides the necessary support in order for these people to get back on their feet.