Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cuban revolutionary, Major General Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado, died at 88

Cuban revolutionary, General Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado, has died at the age of 88, Granma newspaper reported on Monday 10 February.

Efigenio was born on September 21, 1931, in Chaparra, Oriente Region, Cuba.

From an early age he identified with the youth of the July 26 Movement, actively participating in actions against the dictatorial regime of Fulgencio Batista. Following his persecution by the Batista regime he traveled to Mexico, where he joined the preparations of Fidel Castro's revolutionary group. 

In December 1956, he was among 82 of Castro's guerrillas on board the yacht Granma that sailed from Tuxpan, Mexico to Punta de las Coloradas, in Cuba

He participated prominently in different combative actions, including in the first victorious action of the guerrillas, the attack on the La Plata barracks, forming part of the squad led by then Captain Raúl Castro Ruz .

In 1958 he was among the founders of the Second Eastern Front «Frank País», as Second Chief and Head of Column No. 6 "Juan Manuel Ameijeiras Delgado". In that year he was promoted to the rank of Commander.

At the triumph of the Revolution he was appointed Chief of the National Revolutionary Police. He fought against the U.S. imperialist attack in the Bay of Pigs as Chief of the National Revolutionary Police Battalion that faced the mercenary invasion and also stood out in the fight against bandits in the Escambray.

During his military career he held different positions, including Chief of the General Staff of the Central Army and Deputy Chief Minister of Combative Preparation. He was ascending in military grade until General of Division.

He was part of the contingent of the Cuban troops that fulfilled internationalist mission in the republics of Algeria and Angola.

He was honored by the status of founder of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Honorary Title of "Hero of the Republic of Cuba."

At the request of the Division General Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado, his body was cremated and his ashes will be exposed tomorrow, February 11, from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm, in the Pantheon of the Veterans of the Necropolis de Colón, where the funeral honors.