Tuesday, October 25, 2022

RKSM(b): Only a revolutionary people's government can save Russia from NATO aggression

In a statement issued on October 10th, about the mobilization in Russia and the escalation of the imperialist war in Ukraine, the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Youth League of Russia (Bolsheviks) stresses out the following:

"The past months of the so-called «special military operation» (SMO) confirmed the predictions of the communists considering the trap, which imperialist Russia had fallen (could not be otherwise). The SMO began with the brave battle shouts of the propagandists, but then «something went wrong». First, a generous retreat from Kiev, then the withdrawal from Zmiinyi (Snake) Island (which was at first declared to be strategically important, and then suddenly ceased to be such). Finally, the recent «straightening of the front» near Kharkiv.

The reasons for these failures are well-known:

For thirty years Russia has been dominated by a system focused on profit, rather than on the interests of the country. For thirty years they have not built but plundered.

In the parasitic state, the position of a government official has long become a mean of «feeding». This has bred the negative selection at all levels of the authorities, including the military. Clear evidence is the multi-million embezzlements in the Ministry of Defence, involving Anatoly Serdyukov.

The current elite, despite their flag-waving «patriotism», does not associate by any means their and their children’s future with the Russian Federation. For instance, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov has a permanent residence permit in Spain.

Despite the «patriotic» rhetoric, the Russian state is still trying to «negotiate» with the West. Therefore, it has avoided strikes on «decision-making centres», on transport routes, hindering the military success of the Russian Armed Forces. Precisely the same way the Russian authorities impeded the Donbass militia from developing an offensive against the Banderovians eight years ago.

The situation on the frontlines and in the country only gets worse further on. The Russian army is wasting a lot of ammunition, and military equipment is breaking down every now and then. Whether the industry is able to replenish all this promptly is a big question. Many defence contractors are bankrupt and preparing for shutdown, e.g., the 50th Automobile Repair Plant in Rostov-on-Don, the 258th Fuel Filling and Transportation Repair Factory in Bataysk, the 15th Central Automobile Repair Factory in Novosibirsk and many others. Human resources are desperately lacking too: the mobilization decree is an indication that the Russian military and economic crisis are getting more profound. At the same time, Ukraine is receiving increasing support from NATO. Since February, Germany alone has already supplied Kiev with MARS multiple launch rocket systems, Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns, Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzers and other weaponry.

Military action is accompanied by deception of the people and, moreover, self-deception of the authorities. The logical evolution of the Russian state has led to a situation where at all levels they do not tell the truth, but rather what the heads want to hear. This has repeatedly led to strategic blunders.

The Russian Federation is facing full-scale systemic problems, which not only the current political authorities, but also the current economic system are unable to solve. The authorities will try to «solve» the problem in the usual way — at the expense of the working people. On the home front, they will confine workers to their workplaces, prolong the working day, ban any protest as a «fifth column» action. On the frontlines they would throw in masses of untrained reservists and former conscripts in an attempt to crush the enemy in numbers. The other option is a nuclear strike, the possibility of which has been repeatedly voiced by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev. Such a scenario would inevitably lead to a global war with the prospect of annihilating not only our country, but mankind as well.

Of all possible ways, the Russian authorities will choose the one, which has little or no effect on big business’ interests, because the Russian state itself belongs to big business and serves its interests.

Thus, the national catastrophe the communists warned of is relentlessly approaching.

All this being said, it must be admitted: NATO is a serious threat and there should be no illusions about their plans and forthcoming actions. Russia has nothing to respond to this except sending new batches of reservists to the slaughter.

The state is not prepared for war economically and will not be able to mobilize the economy, because it would hit the interests of corporations. The political leadership of the Russian Federation is fundamentally incapable of defending the country. Its main concern is not the interests of the people, but the retaining of profits, which impels it to bargain and negotiate.

The war which our country has been dragged into by the imperialists of the West and Russia has only one outcome. The Russian economy will collapse under the weight of the war, along with the state and society. Thus, thousands more victims will be sacrificed in vain. The West understands it and therefore sees no reason to negotiate.

A way out of the crisis and the defence of the Fatherland from NATO and its puppets are impossible if the present socio-economic system is preserved. Only a genuinely people’s (revolutionary-democratic) government, which has no other interests than those of the vast majority of the population, can save the country. This government must stop the war of conquest, set a course for a lasting peace while ensuring the sovereignty of Russia.

Only a revolutionary people led by the working class can take the fate of the country into their own hands, prevent the occupation of Russian territory by NATO troops, achieve lasting peace and ensure the successful development of the country on its way to socialism. Only by defeating the internal enemy, the Russian bourgeoisie, can we stand against an even stronger and more dangerous external enemy. This is not our war: our war lies ahead.

The RKSM(b) calls upon all young communists and supporters, in all circumstances, to continue their work of agitation and propaganda, to make people aware of the true nature and real causes of the current war. Wherever you are, contribute to the self-organization of the people around you, to the awakening of their class consciousness. War opens people’s eyes, and we must be there when they inevitably start asking questions."