Friday, October 14, 2022

WFTU-PAME: Solidarity with the big strike of the workers in the French Refineries #SoutienRaffineurs

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers in 130 countries around the world, expresses its support for the strikers in the refineries of France and for the FNIC CGT, affiliated to the WFTU, which has been leading this heroic struggle for 3 weeks against the big monopolies Total and Exxon mobile.

Refinery workers in France are waging a powerful and exemplary struggle, at a time when these big oil monopolies are paying billions of Euros in dividends to their shareholders, while refusing to raise wages: refiners are showing that only the way of the strike and the struggle can force the employers to satisfy the demands of the workers.
The WFTU condemns the brutal decision of the French government to carry out police requisitions of striking workers to break the strike!

We recall that the requisitions of the French government against strikers in this sector in 2010, were condemned by the International Labor Organization, following an appeal by the FNIC CGT.

The WFTU calls on its affiliates around the world to express their support for the striking French refiners and the FNIC CGT, and to demonstrate their condemnation of the French government’s attack on the right to strike of our comrades in the refineries of France.

Long live the refinery strike in France, long live the FNIC-CGT, NO to requisitions! 

PAME: Solidarity with the big strike of the workers in the French Refineries


PAME stands by the workers of the French Refineries and their long strike, who continue their struggle against the Requisition and the intimidations by Government-employers.

The refinery workers and the FNIC CGT, which is at the forefront of the struggle, are demanding Collective Agreements with increases against the huge wave of inflation that has crushed every worker across Europe.

The attempts by the multinationals and the French government to create “social automatism” against the strikers are failing as the working class across Europe understands that the victory of the strikers in the French refineries will be a weapon in the struggle of every worker, of every sector, of every country for wage increases.

That is why it is a huge provocation to every worker the position of the energy multinationals, which have been making huge profits in recent years, to talk about a difficult economic situation and use governments as a bodyguard for their profitability against the workers.

At the same time, the dirty role of the ETUC-CES is revealed, as its President attacked the workers’ strike, talking about a “preventive strike” of the workers who are demanding with struggle and did not sit at the tables at the fixed “social dialogues”. In other words, at the time when the greatest possible solidarity is needed, the ETUC is trying to undermine the struggle, break the strike momentum, create confusion, disappointment and force the militant workers to abandon the struggle.



The refinery workers’ strike is right and just because they are fighting for the self-evident right of every worker to live, while in conditions of a huge increases in the cost of living.

The refinery workers’ strike must have the greatest possible solidarity because it has forced the French government and the mechanisms of the multinationals, such as the ETUC, to drop the pretenses and reveal their true role as servants of the business groups.

The refinery workers’ strike must be given the greatest possible support because it highlights the enormous power of collective struggle, of organization and solidarity of the workers against the bosses, the governments and the mechanisms that serve them. To be a basis for the counter-attack, the escalation and growth of the struggle of workers in every sector, against the enormous inflation, for real increases in wages.

From the first moment of the struggle, PAME has been in communication with the workers and trade unions in France, expressing its support and solidarity.

On Monday October 17, a delegation of PAME Secretariat will be in France and will convey the solidarity of the class trade unions of Greece.

We call on the trade unions, workers and working youth of Greece to express their solidarity in many ways with the slogan

Solidarity with Refineries Workers’ Strike in France!

Soutien Aux Grévistes Des Raffineries!

#SoutienRaffineurs /