Wednesday, March 2, 2022

KKE MEPs reject EU Parliament's resolution on Ukraine

The MEPs of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) voted against the European Parliament's resolution “On the Russian aggression against Ukraine” because it moves in the - dangerous for the people- direction of escalation of the EU-NATO-US conflict with capitalist Russia
The resolution promotes the directions of increasing the aggression of the EU and its monopoly groups it represents in the imperialist war that is taking place on Ukrainian territory. It calls for a new round of EU sanctions against Russia, including blocking her from the ports of EU member-states. 

It supports the escalation of NATO aggression with the deployment of “rapid response fores” and troops in EU member-states, as well as in non-EU state, in the east wing of NATO, tightening its grip on Russia with unpredictable consequences for the people. It calls for the deployment of weapons systems and means to Ukraine, with the mobilization of the EU war mechanism under the false title of “European Peace Facility”, the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) and the European Defense Fund. Also, it calls for the increase of EU member-states' military spending and the strengthening of EU's military capabilities “in order to strengthen the European pillar within NATO”.

In this regard (the resolution) calls for the deployment of an EU military force (EUBAM) on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and between Ukraine and Transnistria, an upgrade of the EU imperialist intervention in Western Balkans to counter the Russian influence in the region, thus increasing the dangers for an expanding of the imperialist war. The granting of EU candidate status to Ukraine, the country which asks for the resolution, and its faster integration into the EU single capital market, under the existing association agreement, aims to strengthen the European business groups and sections of the the Ukrainian capital related to the EU and the US, while it will mean new troubles for the tormented people of Ukraine.

The KKE condemns the imperialist war which is the outcome of the the imperialist competitions for the spheres of influence and resources; competitions that the resolution reinforces. Our condemnation of capitalist Russia's invasion in Ukraine is combined with the condemnation of the serial war crimes of the United States, NATO and the EU against the people of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. The people should not be aligned under false flags. They must not choose imperialist. Solidarity to the Ukrainian people who is tested by the war of the imperialists, means a decisive strengthening of the people's independent struggle to prevent any involvement and any participation in the war. It means no army outside the borders, dismantling of all foreign bases, disengagement from EU and NATO with the people in power.