Wednesday, December 15, 2021

KKE and TKP: Joint press release about the Extraordinary Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

The teleconference of the extraordinary International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP) took place on 10–11 December 2021, under the theme “The international economic, political, and military developments. The experience from the struggle of Communist and Workers’ Parties and the peoples. Solidarity with Cuba, the Palestinian people, and all the peoples struggling against sanctions, machinations, and imperialist aggression”

The teleconference was held under the joint responsibility of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP).

73 Parties from 57 countries from all continents participated in the teleconference.

During the teleconference, valuable experience was exchanged regarding the struggle of the Communist and Workers’ Parties, of the labour and popular movements, under conditions of a pandemic and also of sharpening of the contradiction between capital and labour, intensification of the exploitation and impasses of the historically outdated capitalist mode of production, which, among other things, have a devastating impact on the environment.

Assessments were exchanged on the realignments in the framework of political, military, and economic alliances and the emergence of new ones. The role of NATO was strongly denounced, as well as its expansion to new countries and the deployment of military forces to the borders with Russia, from the Baltic to the Black Sea and Caucasus. The plans for a new bloodshed in Ukraine, especially in the Donbas region, in the context of the contradictions between Euro-Atlantic imperialism and Russia, were denounced. Many parties condemned the pursuit of Euro-Atlantic imperialism to utilize for its own objectives the nationalist reactionary regime that has prevailed in Ukraine, which has persecuted the communists and has historically vindicated the role of the local fascists.

The importance of the developments in the Indo-Pacific region was stressed, as demonstrated by the formation of new imperialist unions such as AUKUS (Australia, UK, USA) and QUAD (Australia, India, Japan, USA), in the context of contradiction between those forces and China. Some speakers stressed that the US-China conflict is a conflict for supremacy in the international capitalist system.

Several speakers highlighted the proliferation of hotbeds of confrontation and conflicts resulting from the policy of powerful capitalist states that exacerbates imperialist aggression. They expressed their solidarity with the peoples that found themselves at the epicentre of imperialist plans and confrontation of bourgeois classes and monopolies, such as the peoples of Syria, Libya, etc.

Some Parties underlined that the sharpening of competition among monopoly groups constitutes the basis for the intensification of contradictions and competition among the capitalist states and their alliances.

It was highlighted that under these circumstances the Communist and Workers’ Parties bear the responsibility to organize and lead the struggle of the working peoples, to illuminate the necessity of socialism. It was also underscored that it is necessary to strengthen internationalist solidarity among the Communist Parties, the class-oriented labour organizations, the movements of the poor farmers and farmworkers, and the popular movements overall.

The need was stressed to strengthen solidarity with the Communist Party of Cuba, Cuba and its people, who have gained independence, equality, important labour and social rights, struggling to defend socialism and the achievements of the Cuban revolution. To strengthen the international condemnation of the genocidal US blockade against Cuba and to demand its end. To contribute to the resolute opposition of the workers’ and people’s movements to any kind of imperialist machination, intervention, coup, and sabotage against Cuba.

During the teleconference, which was held a few days after the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the solidarity of the Communist and Workers’ Parties with their heroic struggle for a free, independent Palestine was reiterated and the ongoing Israeli occupation and settlements were denounced. Many Parties reaffirmed their solid support for the just demands of the Palestinian people for the creation of a united, independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders, for the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in accordance with the relevant UN decisions, and for the immediate release of all Palestinian and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

During the teleconference, thanks were expressed to the KKE and the TKP. Solidarity was also expressed with the joint struggle of the Greek and Turkish people against NATO and the bourgeois classes of both countries.

Furthermore, many Parties expressed their solidarity with the struggles of the workers for their social, political, and trade union rights, such as those that were waged in the past year in India, in Sudan, in many countries of Europe, America, and Asia. At the same time, a significant number of Parties criticized and rejected social democratic and opportunist perceptions about the management of the capitalist system and underscored the need to struggle for the overthrow of capitalist barbarism and the construction of the new socialist–communist society.

Ahead of 2022, the Communist and Workers' Parties adopted a framework of  joint and convergent actions they will develop.