Saturday, October 30, 2021

The 103rd anniversary of Komsomol was honored in Russia

In Red Square, Moscow.
The 29th of October marked the 103rd anniversary since the founding of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, known as Komsomol.

Komsomol became the hope and reserve of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. According to Lenin, it was an organization aimed to “teach communism” to the younger generations. Komsomol members defended the October Revolution from the very first moment, against the counterrevolutionaries and the foreign powers that attacked the country in 1918. 

After the domination of the revolution, Komsomol contributed actively in the construction of socialism, fought against illiteracy, participated in the industrialization process, stood firm against the kulaks and other counterrevolutionaries. 

During the Nazi invasion, millions of Komsomol's members gave their lives for the victory of the Soviet Union and the defeat of fascism and, after the war, the young communists were again on the first line of the struggle for the reconstruction of the USSR.  

The 103rd anniversary of Komsomol was celebrated on October 29th by workers, members and supporters of Communist Parties and youth organizations in Moscow and other cities throughout Russia.