Saturday, October 2, 2021

Communist Party of Armenia: Yerjanik Ghazaryan re-elected First Secretary

On September 26, during the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia, Yerjanik Ghazaryan was unanimously re-elected the First Secretary of the party.

The newly elected First Secretary delivered a speech, in which he referred to the internal political situation in Armenia, the Armenian-Russian relations, the forthcoming local elections, and the further actions of the party.

In a congratulatory message the First Vice Сhairman of the CC of the  Union of Communist Parties-Communist Party of the Soviet Union (UCP-CPSU) Kazbek Taysaev notes:

"We are confident that the trust placed in Yerjanik Ghazaryan will become a good basis for constructive work and will contribute to strengthening the authority of the party in Armenia, and personal qualities will serve the noble cause of protecting public interests, fighting the capitalist system and upholding social justice. We will support and promote his good endeavors in every possible way!

We are convinced that through joint inter-party efforts we will be able to ensure the further development of mutually beneficial cooperation and deepening of integration between Russia and Armenia for the benefit of our fraternal peoples! We sincerely wish you new achievements and victories in this position."