Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Greece: PAME’s impressive May 1st rally caused nightmares to anti-communists

The impressive May Day rally in Athens / Photo: Reuters.
The great, eye-catching demonstration  organized by the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) on May 1st in Athens' Syntagma Square caused nightmares to anti-communists and various apologists of capitalist barbarity. 

The enemies of the working class from all over the bourgeois political spectrum, from Golden Dawn's neo-Nazi criminals to conservative New Democracy MPs and from far-right charlatans to SYRIZA's social democrats, expressed their deep discomfort for the celebration of the International Workers’ Day.

A common argument used by the bunch of anti-communists is that the May Day gathering of PAME was “illegal”, because it supposedly violated the quarantine imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the demonstration was so perfectly organized that all the necessary measures of protection (distance between the protesters, use of masks, gloves, etc) were followed.

Those who try so hard to defame the May 1st demonstration by unleashing anti-communist slanders against the KKE and PAME do not care about any protection measures or quarantines. Their actual concern is rooted in the great symbolism of the May 1st demonstration, which is the inalienable right of the working class to protest and fight against the established capitalist barbarity.

The fear of class struggle and the deep aversion towards the organized labour movement: that is what unites fascist parties and prestigious liberal broadsheets like "Kathimerini". The picture of hundreds of demonstrators in Syntagma Square on May 1st was a punch in the stomach for all those who serve as capitalism’s apologists.

The May 1st rally in Athens, which was organized under the slogan “People will not pay again! The visible enemy is capitalism!” received broad coverage by international media, marking a milestone in the history of Workers’ Day celebration. 

Most significantly, the demonstration sent a powerful message to the government, the capitalists and their stooges: that the workers, the people will not accept to pay the burden and the cost for a new capitalist crisis nor they will accept any violations of their vested rights.