Friday, April 3, 2020

Greece: The "Black Bible of Employers during the Pandemic" presented by PAME

In a press conference held on Thursday 2 April in Athens, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) presented numerous cases of anti-worker policies and tactics implemented by big businesses during the last weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece.

Nikos Papageorgiou, member of the PAME Secretariat, pointed out that there is “an unprecedented attack by the big employers who are utilizing all the measures taken by the government”, adding that “with most businesses closed, the government has issued Decree Laws including provisions that abolish labour rights, cut in half the already miserable wages, empower employers with the right to pay us whenever they want, to employ us whenever, wherever and however they want.” 

In a first volume called “The Black Bible of Employers during the Pandemic” (here in Greek), PAME has collected hundreds of complaints made by workers’ unions throughout the country, exposing employers’ tactics of layoffs, cuts in wages, pressure and threats to anyone who is seeking protection measures. 

Among the numerous cases is the one of the international aviation services company “Swissport” which proceeded to the dismissal of hundreds of contract workers at Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos airport. 

April 7 - Action Day on Healthcare 

Following the great initiative of USB in Italy, PAME calls workers, doctors, nurses, unions from each country to send their message of solidarity and struggle

With photos or small videos with the slogan and messages to be published and send at and to the workers and local media of our countries, in social media #staystrong.

Posters in English and Spanish by

Dear comrades,

The developments with Covid-19 are enormous for the people of all countries.

The positions of the EU and governments in each country have undermined public healthcare and endanger the lives of the workers.

They try to secure the profits of the multinationals risking the health of the workers and destroying our rights.

The class unions of Greece, with the Unions of Doctors and Healthcare workers in the front line call for Workers Action Day on April 7.

Under the slogan #staystrong

We Break the Silence!

Masked mouths still have Voice!

Healthcare is not a commodity!