Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Greece must not become EU's refugee prison, says KKE MEP Kostas Papadakis

Communist Party (KKE) eurodeputy Kostas Papadakis.
The immense responsibilities of the European Union and NATO in the creation and perpetuation of the refugee situation in the Greek-Turkish borders, as well as the need for the abolition of EU's Dublin Regulation and the EU-Turkey migrant deal, were highlighted by Kostas Papadakis, MEP for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), during his intervention at the EU Parliament’s plenary in Brussels. 

More specifically Papadakis pointed out the following:

“The US-NATO-EU are competing with Russia over energy control, leading to Syria’s dissolution and to waves of uprooted people. They support Turkey’s invasion in Syria and its unacceptable claims over Aegean, Cyprus, Libya as an exchange for its detachment from Russia’s influence. Turkey’s bourgeois class tries to benefit based on the victims of these plans, the persecuted refugees, who are entrapped in the Greek islands due to the Dublin Regulation and the common EU-Turkey declaration”. This situation strengthens the far-right groups, added the KKE MEP.

The Communist eurodeputy also stressed out that “the Greek government supports the transformation of Greece into EU’s prison, ignoring the mass revolt of the islanders, participates in the imperialist plans while it calls foreign military forces like FRONTEX to the borders”. 

MEP Papadakis said that the Dublin Regulation and the EU-Turkey Migrant deal must be cancelled, the refugee hotspots in Greece must be closed and the UN and EU must organize the relevant asylum procedures in Turkey, so that the refugees will move to the countries of their destination.