Friday, January 10, 2020

KKE slams ND-SYRIZA: "They are firm U.S allies and continue fooling the Greek people"

In a comment published on 902 portal, regarding the Greek-U.S agreement on military bases and the stance of the Greek political parties, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out:

"The acceleration of the ratification of the Strategic Agreement between Greece and USA by the government of ND and the recent Prime Minister's trip in the U.S. prove that this government too is focused on the implementation of the dangerous US-NATO plans in our region. 

Also, the temporary suspension (of the agreement) that SYRIZA proposes cannot hide that this Agreement, under the responsibility of both parties, is already implemented and the US-NATO bases, which are bases of war, are operating normally.

ND and SYRIZA, with the support of KINAL, are firm allies of the U.S. and continue fooling the Greek people that there can be positive interventions by the Americans, something that has never happened in the past for any issue and even more about the safeguarding of peace and sovereign rights.

The only solution is the cancellation of the Agreement and the immediate closure of the US-NATO military bases in Greece".

* * *
Mitsotakis-Tsipras meeting

Earlier today, during a meeting with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras had asked for the temporary suspension of the bill for the Greece-US defense agreement; an agreement which the SYRIZA government under the premiership of Tsipras initiated and negotiated!

According to the Athens News Agency, Alexis Tsipras asked for the suspension of the bill "until tangible support of our sovereign rights is guaranteed." 

"Today, I had the opportunity to talk with Mr Mitsotakis on the regional developments, on the Greek-Turkish issues and on his recent trip to the US," Tsipras said, noting that he was "concerned" over the "growing tension in the region and mainly for the risk of a new national adventure now that we have come out of the 10-year adventure of the financial crisis."

"I also stressed his party's deep concern - and I believe of all the Greek people - with the overwhelming silence during his visit, not only by President Trump but by the entire American leadership, against the most severe escalation of Turkey's aggressiveness in the last 20 years," he underlined.