Thursday, January 30, 2020

KKE in EU Parliament: On the 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army

On the occasion of the event in the European Parliament regarding the Holocaust and the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Europarliament Group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued a statement that was published on 902 portal

The statement reads:

"The memory of the Holocaust, one of the most atrocious crimes of Nazism, is an eternal tribute to its victims, to all those who alongside Jews suffered in Nazi crematoriums: the thousands of communists, anti-fascists who fought nazism in occupied Europe and in Germany herself, such as the murdered by the Nazis heroic Secretary of the German Communist Party, Ernst Thälmann. The Nazi hell of Auschwitz is a reminder of the criminal nature of fascism, of the barbarity of the capitalist system that creates it, just as the german, european and american business groups funded Hitler. 

The declarations of the EU, of the European Parliament and its governments, which “remembered” Auschwitz this year are hypocritical and unconvincing. Through these declarations they pursue, in another way, their longstanding goal to erase the 9th of May as the day of the Great People’s Antifascist Victory - when the red flag with the sickle and hammer was nailed in the heart of the nazist monster in Reichstag – and to transform it into an “EU day”. They try in vain…

Their aim is the reversal of the historical truth for the invaluable contribution of the communists in the struggle against fascism, the decisive role of the Soviet Union and the legendary Red Army. Through anti-communism, counterfeiting of History, acquittal of fascism, they try to wash out its criminal nature, to perpetuate the exploitative system. Towards this direction they lay the ground with persecutions of communisms, racism, fascist violence, rise of far-right and fascist forces. 

Today, Auschwitz consists an inextinguishable memory that exposes and bankrupts the recent unhistorical anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament; the effort of the EU and her governments to equate the communists, the USSR, whose decisive contribution led to the liberation of the whole of Europe, Auschwitz and its prisoners… with the nazis who were sending them to the crematoriums. 

As for the debate about anti-semitism that accompanies the EU’s declarations, it must not become an alibi for the laundering the criminal policy of the Israeli state which, for decades, bloodsheds the Palestinian people, the people of the Middle East, with imperialist interventions and border changes, such as the one announced with the new imperialist plan by Trump and Netanyahu against the Palestinians. This must not acquit the continuous upgrading of the economic, political and military cooperation of the Greek governments with Israel, which was boosted by SYRIZA and continues with ND. 

Today, the tribute to the Auschwitz victims is the strengthening of the struggle against all the factors which led to the Nazi atrocity and continue their activity today, the conviction of the criminal, nazi Golden Dawn.

A precondition for the irrevocable defeat of fascism is the overthrow of the exploitative capitalist system which generates and feeds fascism. The people, in every country, must become the owners of the wealth they produce, with social alliance for the workers’ power and disengagement from the EU and every imperialist organization”.