Monday, December 30, 2019

Austria: Tibor Zenker elected new chairman of the Party of Labour (PdA)

Tibor Zenker, new chairman of the PdA,
 addressing the 4th Party Congress.
On December 21, under the slogan “Strengthen the PdA- Strengthen the working class”, the Party of Labour of Austria (Partei der Arbeit- PdA) held its 4th Party Congress in Hietzing, the 13th disctrict of Vienna. 

The Congress examined the activities and developments that took place the previous period since the 3rd Congress and proceeded to the planning for the next two years. 

Regarding the Party's leadership, Tibor Zenker from Wolkersforf was elected as the new chairman, succeeding Otto Bruckner who had been PdA's chairman since the founding party conference in October 2013. 

Addressing the Congress, Tibor Zenker stated that the task of the new party leadership is to eradicate the existing weaknesses and to continue the effort for the strengthening of the party. Zenker expressed his optimism that through consistent, disciplined and team work, significant steps forward can be made. The new chairman of PdA underlined: “We will not need a Messiah, because our historical subject is the working class itself. The salvation of mankind takes place in this world, in the classless society that can be achieved through proletarian revolution and socialism. But to make this posible, a strong marxist-leninist militant party is needed. That is our mission and – looking around in the Austrian left and the workers' movement- it is also our duty which nobody will or can do for us”. 

In addition, the Congress decided to perform changes in the statutory foundations of the Party structures which will ensure a more successful way of working. The newly elected PdA board will meet as soon as possible within the new year to discuss major organizational and political issues. The 4th Congress finished after seven hours of discussions and consultations with the participants singing the “Internationale”.