Friday, June 14, 2019

KKE: Statement on the dangerous plans of the United States against Iran

On the occasion of the latest dangerous developments at the Bay of Oman and the U.S. provocations against Iran, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued the following statement: 
The last attacks against tankers in the Bay of Oman ignite once again the developments around Iran. The USA as if they were “already prepared”, put Iran in the cross-hair and rally more military forces in the region.
The US aggressiveness against Iran has escalated in the previous months with the embargo applied to oil exports, the pressure directed towards Iran’s nuclear program, that are combined with threats and plans of Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.
The US plans in the region are no doubt connected to the competition of the imperialist powers for the control of energy-resources, for the roads of transportation of energy-resources and commodities, for market shares, for the geopolitical “pillars” that each power has every time at its disposal.
The exacerbation of the situation around Iran bears no good omen for the peoples.
SYRIZA, ND, KINAL and the rest of the political parties that support the “strategic cooperation” with the USA and Israel, as well as the active participation of our country in NATO, are exposed because with their positions involve our people in great dangers.
It is more necessary than ever to strengthen the voice of the KKE, that demands no participation, no involvement of our country in the US-NATO plans, that are developing at the expense of the people of Iran and of the rest of the peoples of the region.
  • Close down now all foreign US and NATO bases in Greece.
  • Return all Greek military forces that are participating in NATO and EU missions.                         
Athens 14/6/2019