Sunday, June 16, 2019

Greece: Solidarity with the students who are prosecuted for their anti-imperialist activity

Riot police violently attacking demonstrators during an
anti-imperialist rally in Athens; April 16, 2018.
Two university students are facing charges by the Greek authorities for participating in an anti-imperialist, anti-war mobilization last year. 

The trial is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 19th of June at the Evelpidon Court in Athens and various workers and students' unions have called for a solidarity rally on this day. 

The students had participated in a massive anti-imperialist rally, organized by the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) and numerous labour unions on April 16, 2018 in Athens, two days after the imperialist strike of US, Britain and France against Syria. Back then, in a symbolic action, demonstrators had attempted to tear down the statue of war criminal Harry Truman, the US President who is responsible for numerous imperialist atrocities, including the nuclear holocaust in Japan in 1945, the anti-communist US intervention during the 1947-1949 Greek Civl War and the imperialist military intervention in Korea in 1950.

The response by the SYRIZA government was imminent and violent, giving orders to riot police to attack the demonstrators with tear gas, flash grenades and batons, thus resulting to the injury of protesters (watch video). The police had also arrested two injured demonstrators who were later - unjustly and without any incriminated evidence- charged for their participation in the rally. 

In its solidarity call, PAME points out among other things: "With the known fabricated charges ordered by the US embassy, the government of SYRIZA targets those who are fighting against the crimes of the imperialists, aiming to whitewash the bloodstained plans in which it fully participates. That is why it targets the popular resistance through arrests, trials and prosecutions".

Numerous students' unions have issued statements calling for solidarity and mobilization on June 19th, outside the Evelpidon courthouse.