Friday, November 30, 2018

Communist Youth of Greece (KNE): "NATO out of the Balkans - Fascists out of schools"

Students demonstrate in Athens demanding better Public
Education and schools (archive photo).
Regarding the effort of various fascist groups, including the neo-Nazi, criminal Golden Dawn party, to sow the poison of nationalism and racism in the country's schools, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) issued a statement. 

The statement points out: "Towards the dangerous developments in our region and the effort of various fascists to sow their fascist-racist poison, the students must continue isolating these forces, as they decisively have done in hundreds of schools throughout the country these days."

KNE also mentions that "both New Democracy and her union faction within teachers, who are fishing in the troubled waters of nationalism, as well as SYRIZA [....] "throw water" - from different aspects- to the same mill of Golden Dawn. They hide the essense and content of the Prespes agreement, which lits even more the fuse of war in our region, strengthening the economic-political-military presense of the USA-EU in Western Balkans. All parties agree to this process, except from the KKE."

"Neither the exaggerated titles of some media nor the slanders can bend the students' mobilizatons which take place since the beginning of the season. In these mobilizations the major demands are for a school that will educate- and not eliminate- the students, against [Minister] Gavroglou's announcements, as well as with intense anti-NATO and anti-war slogans" writes the KNE statement.

Finally, KNE calls the students to adopt and spread the slogan "No to the Prespes agreement - NATO out of the Balkans - Fascists out of the schools!".